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Planning for a yard sale

We are planning for a yard sale one week from now. Hopefully we’ll make some money. I am also trying to get the Trans Am posted in the Trader so we can make some money off that too. So far

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Happy Father’s Day

I took the boys to church today expecting a Father’s Day service, instead we had flower communion. It was nice anyway. They did have a blurb that went something along “Here’s to all the Fathers…”. The boys and one other

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The ever elusive ice cream truck

For the┬álast few weeks we have heard an ice cream truck off in the distance. Now, living in the country, this is a wonderful thing since no ice cream trucks EVER come down our street… In fact, this one hasn’t

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Journals and such I have been finding all my partial journals here and there while I am cleaning. I would really like to get them all togther one day, into one book. It might be interesting. I found some as

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Renaming my blog Oh my gosh! I realized that when we move, I can’t keep calling my blog “The Baker’s Acres” anymore. We won’t have acres… unless we just rent. (We’re still thinking about that). So I am taking names

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We might be moving We’re working on selling the house and land and will probably be moving to San Diego if all works well. We already have a sailboat to live on. Dh is off in Washington doing something and

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