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Compostin and recycling in the boonies

Compost:Why no meat? Not sure about the rest of it.   To be honest, I can’t remember the why’s and wherefore’s LOL. I remember it had something to do with bacteria or killing your plants??? Or something like that. Do

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Agenda for today!

My agenda for today is to eat chocolate! Then I am going to start a burn pile, mow the lawn, clear out the livingroom and kitchen, clean out the laundry and start on the boys room. That should be enough to

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From the mailbag

Traci asked: I am so sorry for your loss. Was this expected?   No, this was not expected at all. He died from an accidental gun shot to the head. Thank you for your post.   I’m not really sure

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We are back

My nephew, Andrew Neal VanWey, passed away this week. We drove to Alabama to be with family and friends. His organs were donated so that others could live. My brother-in-law Cliff did the Memorial Service (He’s a preacher). I think

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New Tool Bar

I have this VERY annoying new tool bar that is about to drive me insane. It is called Mirar and has all these *bleep* pop ups that cover what I am TRYING to read. I didn’t download the thing and

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Science fun

I am printing out the kids book list for this year. The darned printing keeps quitting on me! I am so excited though. They what science experiments we’ll be doing. I’m not sure to tell the truth. But I figured

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Finally! I am back again. I have the computer working and all.  SO, this week we are going to have lunch with Nana and Aunt V and have more Carport sale. I think I’ll have enough to make it to

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