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Ready for Halloween yet?

We’re ready for Halloween! Mostly. I have glow in the dark cream for my face, the boys each have a mask that was $3. I bought fake blood and they are going as scary bloody monsters. LOL I am going

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Thank you everyone Leslie’s funeral was yesterday. It was beautiful. I feel a better sense of closure now. I haven’t cried all day long. I guess the good sob at her vault helped with that. But now I feel ready

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In Memory of Leslie Susan Bradshaw Leslie was a very good friend, a devoted mother of 5, a wife, sister and aunt. She loved horses and animals and was planning to start a self sustaining farm. On October 13, 2006,

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Why we are moving Thanks Traci for your comments 🙂 I don’t have your blog address so can you post it? I like to read blogs 🙂 As to why we are moving: Dh is in the Navy in San

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Busy busy me

I’ve been so busy I really haven’t had time to blog. I know some people think I sit around all day watching TV, eating bon bons and drinking coffee. But trust me! If you saw the house, you would know

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