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Ah! Moving….

Not sure the EXACT date but we are moving! So I will be busy busy busy now! Not like I wasn’t busy before LOL. It’s just that I am really freaking out now! WE’RE MOVING! WOOHOO! Might be a week,

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Pompholyx, how I hate theeAKA Dishydrotic eczema! It’s this condition that totally sucks! It’s a severe dry rash that occurs on the hands (cheiropompholyx) and feet (pedopompholyx). It is intensely itchy and sometimes has a burning sensation. The cause is

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I am having a pretty sluggish day. I think I’ll stop sleeping in on Sunday’s. While it is nice, I always drag butt on this day and then it trickles into my Monday. At least I am getting the morning

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Are you moved yet?No, not yet. I am waiting to call teh detective on Monday to see what I need to do about possibly being subpoena’d to court. I don’t know how well my testimony will help. But if it

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Thanksgiving was nice. The meal before the actual day was easier for us. I am teaching the boys to portion off their plates so they eat like “normal” people (as they say LOL) without Mean Old Mom standing over them

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Getting Ready For Turkey DayWell, I am getting ready for Turkey Day here. I have 1 suitcase packed and the med bag done. I need to start the famous macaroni and cheese. Later today we’ll pack up everything and head

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Dotchi’s Diabetes FAQ

If you were directed here, it is because I am tired of explaining this to everyone. I’m not personally mad at anyone, but trying to explain to each and every person is time consuming and I would like to dwell

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