Dotchi’s Diabetes FAQ

If you were directed here, it is because I am tired of explaining this to everyone. I’m not personally mad at anyone, but trying to explain to each and every person is time consuming and I would like to dwell on something other than health issues for just ONE visit! If you happened to stumble across this, read it anyway so you’ll understand. If you have a question that is not on here, then feel free to ask and I will add it.

Q: So you’re diabetic? What about the kids?

A: Yes, all three of us are diabetic. Miles and I are type 2. Mendel Latham is not really type 1, and not really type 2, he’s more of a 1.5 (NP’s words).

Q: So you have to take insulin, right?

A: No we do not. Mendel and I are on Byetta, which is a wonder drug for us!

Q: But Byetta is insulin, isn’t it?

A: No, Byetta is an insulin mimetic. It basically tells your body when to start and when to stop making insulin. But it isn’t insulin.

Q: What kind of diet do you follow then?

A: We follow a lower carbohydrate diet. I stay between 30-40 a day, Miles and Mendel stay between 40 and 50 a day. Sometimes we up our carb intake if needed, but this is our guideline.

Q: OH! So you have to watch the simple carbs?

A: No… we have to watch ALL carbs. We can eat meat, cheese, eggs, raw green leafy veggies and nuts without counting the carbs. After that, we count any carb going into our body.

Q: But you can have fruit because of the complex carbs, right?

A: Sure we can have fruit as long as we count the carbs. A carbohydrate is a carbohydrate and it doesn’t matter how simple or complex it is. It is still going to be counted as a carbohydrate when it is eaten.

Q: But you can have the Atkins Shakes and stuff like that, right?

No. They have too many carbs. While I know they are going by “net carbs”, there are still 30+ carbs in the drink. They don’t just disappear because some professional decided they weren’t that important. They are still counted.

Q: Oh my. You must get hungry. How do you handle the hunger?

A: We eat. Plain and simple. Do you think we sit around hungry? No.

Q: You aren’t really a diabetic if you aren’t on insulin.

A: I’m sorry you feel this way. I am sure all the diabetics who are on metformin or other diabetic meds that are not insulin, will be thrilled to find out that they are no longer considered diabetic b/c they aren’t on insulin. I am sure my insurance will love to know this too. And my children are going to enjoy it much more now because they won’t have to check their blood sugar 3-6 times a day just because you think we aren’t diabetic. I’ll call my doctor tomorrow and let her know to cancel my refills on the lancets and strips. Thanks for freeing me!

Q: Do you have a carb counter or book you go by to count the carbs?

A: Yes. I use the Atkins Carb Counting book. Although I can pretty much tell by looking now. I’ll try to find the actual name of the book and post it here.


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2 comments on “Dotchi’s Diabetes FAQ
  1. Traci says:

    I can relate to an extent. I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. I was really good during that time and stayed on my diet. Wish I could say that I stayed with it!

  2. Dotchi says:

    Yes! Diets are very hard to stick to… and being diabetic makes it harder. I feel like I have let myself down when I make a booboo and eat white bread or something else I am not supposed to have.

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