Thanksgiving was nice. The meal before the actual day was easier for us. I am teaching the boys to portion off their plates so they eat like “normal” people (as they say LOL) without Mean Old Mom standing over them telling them what they can and can’t eat.

The first meal on Wednesday night had a LOT of stuff that we could eat with no problems. Mendel 2.0 had a plate full of veggies, meat, and then 2 small servings of carbs. Miles had his plate portioned off also but he did it a bit different. In each section he had two or three very small servings of each thing. But he still had it portioned correctly! I was so proud! And then we had 2 small dessert items. Blood sugars still looked good that night!

The next day on the mountain, it was harder for us. The food was good, but it was mostly pasta or bread dishes and then dessert. There was turkey and ham but only one vegetable and I couldn’t eat it because of the potatoes in it. 😦 I still enjoyed the visit though. I was just sad that my meal was so limited. I guess if we ever move back to Tennessee, I’ll have to have a “carb-friendly” Thanksgiving for everyone.

I found out a lot of the family members on dh’s side are diabetics too. I knew some were, I just didn’t realize how many. It seems to me that for a family with so many diabetics in it, they sure do serve a LOT of high carb foods. Delicious, but high carb. I did tell them about Byetta. Hopefully it will help someone there. They really need something. I checked blood sugars and everyone’s was high, except J*… his was okay… on the higher side of OK, but okay nonetheless.

Well today I am working on eBay auctions now. I have to get some up there. I am waiting for the batteries to charge so I can add the pictures to the auctions and then I’ll get them up there tonight. So far I have 6 auctions ready, but I really want to have 10 or more up tonight.

Well, Happy Leftovers Day everyone! I am off to be a work at home mom tonight.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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