Miles is sitting right here

This is Miles. He is my son. He is HUGE! He wears a bigger shoe than me (and I wear a size 11 in womens!) He is about an inch or two shorter than me… and I am 5’9″ or something like that… I mean, the kid is going to be something like 6’5″ or 7′ tall when he gets to be an adult. Now he is sitting down behind me. So here is the interview with Miles.

Me: Good Morning Miles.

Miles: Yes?

Me: So, how is your day going?

Miles: I’m tired and can I listen to music?

Me: Not until you finish the interview… one mre question, then you can go. So, are you excited about moving?

Miles: I am going to listen to rap, hip hop, rock…

Me: Focus, son. Are you excited about moving?

Miles: Yes. I am going to live on a 30 foot yacht that is white and from what I have seen good looking. It looks like a LOOOOOOT of fun. Except for the rockety rockety rocky part.

Me: Cool. If you want to go listen to music now, you can.

Miles: No, I want to throw darts, listen to music, drink water, and hang out!

Me: The darts are magnetic, folks. Not to worry. So, Miles, are you looking forward to going to California?

Miles: Yes, because I get to see big battleships, a big aircraft carrier thatis a museum, I’ve been all over it… except for the parts that are blocked off. The local fire department has to install fire extinguishers before we can go to those areas just in case anything goes wrong. Oh, my dad has 2 or 3 yellow bikes! They were free to us. I have my own berth on the boat. My brother has his own and I think we’ll get along better because of it. Me… Mom? Your turn.

Me: Thank you for your time, Miles. I am sure if anyone has any questions they’d like to ask you, they can leave them in the comments section and we’ll check it out and answer them. Sound Cool?

Miles: I’m 5 plus 6 which equals 11. So not to worry. I’m responsible with darts.

Me: His ability to keep focused and on subject, never ceases to amaze me 🙂 Until next time.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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