Kitchen Wench’s Log- Star Date 20070101

Okay, so you can tell I am a Star Trek fan LOL. I can't put “Captian's
Log” because I am not the captian. I am the kitchen wench, ARG! Hubby is
the Captain and the kids are the crew. Well, Little Mendel is the stow
away b/c sometimes he hides down below heeheehee… smart kid πŸ™‚

Hubby is teaching us the ropes.. er, I mean lines. And we're learning new
terms daily. The best terms we've learned were while we were out sailing.
Imagine mom and Miles standing in the cockpit waiting to help. Hubby yells
out “BUMFOOZLYSNUZZLE!” No, he really didn't, but he might as well because
we had no idea what the heck he meant by “Sheet it out”… I thought he
said something else but more profane. We stood there staring at him like
deer in the headlights. We had NO idea what that meant and we shrugged our
shoulders and said “Huh?” He explained that and then a little bit later
yelled for us to “prepare to tack”. Again, we didn't know what this meant.
In theory we did… but how to go about actually doing the thing was
beyond us. So when he yelled “NOW!” and turned the boat hard right and we
did nothing, he turned around and yelled “What are you doing? You're
supposed to tack!” Okie dokie… and if we knew how, we would have. SO, we
had oodles of fun learning the ropes… I mean, lines, while sailing in
the harbor. The best moment was when hubby said “Here hold this” and left
me steering the boat while we went into the cabin to fix something. I had
NO idea what I was doing. All I knew was we were going “that way” and
“that way” included things like cruise liners that were 20 times my size,
jagged rocks and lots of darkness and fog and buoys and other things I
could potentially hit. It was actually much easier once he showed me how
to steer the boat. I did freak out when the cruise liner came out of the
harbor to the area of ocean we were in. I nearly peed myself. If it
weren't so chilly, I probably would have, but who wants to stand around in
the cockpit with freezing urine attached to their crotch… NOT I!

Anyway, back to names. We have a head, not a bathroom. We have a Galley,
not a kitchen. We read charts, not maps… and they aren't that hard to
read either. There are decks, bulkheads, overheads and hatches… not
floors, walls, ceilings and doors. SO, this is the ONLY post I am going to
be the Kitchen Wench… From here on out, the correct term is “Galley
wench!” ARG! OH, and the boat has different areas, like starbird
(starboard?), port, stern, aft, and overboard. Only had one man overboard
so far. Little Mendel was getting out of the dinghy (the little boat you
row to shore) and a nice little wave came by and *SPLISH*, the dinghy left
him at the dock whether or not he was ready. I fished him out with no
problems but I couldn't help but laugh… reminded me of when dh went to
cook turkey on the grill and when he pulled the cover off, *plip* the
piece that the propane tank attaches to fell off into the water.
Heeheehee… I still can't help but laugh about it.

I smoked my last cigarette in Yuma, Arizona. I haven't smoked since. I
tend to get a little bitchy at times, but for the most part, I am doing
okay. I still haven't found an effective way to make coffee and make it
taste good. I think I'll have to keep trying for that.

Well, I am off for now. More updates later. One note before I go… I am
posting from email daily… but I may not be able to get to the hot spots
for WiFi everyday. So there should be a daily update… but it won't
neccesarily post everyday… that is why I am starting the titles with
“Galley Wench's Log” so you will know what day it is for… although I
will put the days in normally after this one.

SO, enjoy reading the blog and I'll update more about what we have done
and what we are doing later. So we're just adjusting to a new life and new
beginnings… and loving it!

Dotchi, the Galley Wench.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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2 comments on “Kitchen Wench’s Log- Star Date 20070101
  1. Traci says:

    Wow. Sounds like you are having a bit of culture shock! It does sound interesting to say the least! My cousin lives in San Diego. Say hi for me. Good for you on quitting smoking! Keep up the good work!

  2. Deann says:

    Hi Dotchi, Glad to hear you all are doing good πŸ™‚ I know ya’ll are happy to finally be with DH. And mucho congrats on quitting smoking!!!!!!
    If you ever get to get on y! again send me a msg.
    Take care,

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