Tomorrow is our big day

I finally decided to sign up through a charter school. Technically we aren’t homeschoolers anymore. Our Charter School is a public school so my kiddo’s are public school kids. BUT, we still educate at home.

It’s a pretty cool system (so far so good…) as far as I can tell. They provide all the curriculum and everything (and offer classes) and we do all the educating at home. We are allowed to educate how we see fit (even unschool) and report to them once a month what we are doing and how it is going. They’ll offer suggestions and everything! We don’t HAVE to do what they suggest, but we can. And if something isn’t working, we can switch styles as many times as we need until we find what works.

This was something dh and I talked about for awhile. We started out as independant homeschoolers. Then we went to a cover school. Now that we are here, he has really upped his worry level. And so did I! Are they learning enough? Are we teaching enough? Are we harming them? So I looked into the charter school option. I talked to a lady who homeschools through this option. She told me all about GSDA and what it was like. Honestly, I thought it sounded too good to be true. A public school that lets you homeschool?

Well, I called and made the appointment and went down there to see if it was really like she said. It was! The lady I talked to was REALLY enthusiastic which freaked me out at first. I could only think about the times I was in public school. Any teacher THAT excited meant you would be piled down with homework and really all that smiling and bouncing meant she was really a bitch and you’d find that out in week 2.

But this lady agreed with me on everything I said about homeschooling. I even asked a ton of questions and her answers told me what I wanted to hear and more. It’s just like the other lady described. Nothing hidden (so far), nothing sinister. I am still wondering b/c my sinister self is waiting for something, the catch. But it is all cool so far and tomorrow is the big day. We go in and discuss curriculum.

Now, we talked about it in orientation so it shouldn’t be too bad. The boys know what they want and so far Ms Carol is totally cool with it all. She thinks theme units are cool and she’s willing to set us up however we want. I am still blown away! But I mean, really… how can you NOT like a teacher that shows up to orientation dressed up in a gold diggers outfit… pippy braids and all! She’s my type of teacher. I’ll let you know how week 2 goes heeheehee.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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2 comments on “Tomorrow is our big day
  1. Jan says:

    The charter school sounds too good to be true! I am glad you have found something that will make ALL of you happy…..saya the lady who hasn’t schooled in a week…;)The Atlanta trip was to a workshop/performance venue for aspiring dancers. We were invited last year (yes, you have to be invited)too. The girls got to take classes from world famous choreographers (sp)and then perform in 2 different shows. Its a big deal because usually kids under 12 aren’t invited….Priss is 9!!!Try not to crash the boat….

  2. Anonymous says:

    So how did it go?Your friend in SC 🙂

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