My Cell Phone was Stolen!

I went to the boys school today and got their school books, workbooks and lesson plans for the month. They have writing practices now too. So that will be cool. Mendel 2.0 is doing a study on community and neighborhoods. It starts out with all the normal stuff but goes deeper into government and such. It’s all obvious too. But he’ll do a project for each unit. Miles is going to learn about the Romans! And they each got a starter baggy full of markers, crayons, rulers, protractors, scissors, tape, pens and pencils too! It was really cool!

Afterwards we went to Jack In The Box in Imperial Beach. I have always enjoyed the area and the people there are always so nice. We’ve been there once a month or more since we have been there. Today I needed to change my shorts so I went to the bathroom. My cell phone was in my pocket so I set it on the sink. I changed shorts, went potty and then grabbed my shorts and rolled them and sat them on the back of the sink. I washed my hands and grabbed my shorts but totally forgot to get my phone. 

We ate lunch and got ready to leave and I realized I forgot my phone when I got to the van. I ran back in and looked in the bathroom and it was not there. I went to the front and asked if someone had turned in a cell phone and described it in detail. They said yes someone did but a lady came up behind them and said it was her daughters cell phone. The bitch stole my phone! That’s fine, lying bitch! I called my phone and it was turned off. I called hubby from the boys school and told him it was stolen. My phone # is suspended. No one can call it and they can’t call anyone. The serial # has been reported and anyone trying to activate it will have the phone confiscated. No one can turn that phone on except for me! HA! So if you buy a SCH-U740 Samsumg off eBay and it has the serial # 02206956534 it is mine. I am so peeved. How dare people just steal stuff. I am so so mad!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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One comment on “My Cell Phone was Stolen!
  1. Traci says:

    That is just wrong. My daughter left her stuffed animal in the doctor’s office once. I called to see if anyone turned it in. No. Some mother let her child go home with it! WTH?!

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