Things I am learning about out here…

For the most part I love it out here! It is so nice. But I do miss my file system. I need to figure out what to do about that. I simply can not function without my filing system. The file folder on the notebook is fine, but I need my box of files! I think I’ll store it in the van. Speaking of which! I bought two poly-something-or-other folders and put the insurance cards in there, one each envelope… and I am going to put the tags, titles, registration or whatever is supposed to be in the car, in the envelopes. They are hot pink so you can’t lose them in the glove box. Great idea! I think so. I am also losing one piece or another… this way I have them all in one spot, in one envelope (one for each vehicle)

Mendel, Miles and I practiced angles with pool today. We cleaned out the dock box and we rode the bus to the ASW base so we got to practice our map reading skills 🙂 We learned about
community, neighbor and all the crap we already know about. Lil Mendel is already bored with the book and we’re only in Unit 1. Can’t blame him too much. It’s all common sense stuff that
any child… never mind, I’ve met some kids around here that are dumb as door nails. My kids have basic common sense. They already know this stuff. So instead of studying the obvious, we are going to make a map of our own community and neighborhood and I am going to have Mendel label his groups! (homeschool, navy, sailor, etc) and list things he liked about sailing camp. Math should be a breeze up to a point with him. I still have to figure out what happened to Miles math book in the move. He’ll be measuring and working with symmetry this weekend too. He’s been reading about Coronado in a magazine we found here. He read about the “Coronado hall of shame” which I found interesting LOL.

This weekend I will make a “Learning Map” for the week and we’ll go from there. I am going to make one that works (for the most part) for each week. They even have Phys Ed now too. That is just silly, IMO. They are so active. But at least it’s something very simple to do. We can cover 30 minutes of PE with no issues!

One thing I do not like about living out here is the internet connection is pathetic. It won’t stay connected at all. That is unless I go and sit at the picnic tables. I am updating my blog from emails now. It’s too hard to get the connection to stay logged in more than 5 minutes at a time. But what can I say? It’s a small price to live the life of luxury. Palm trees, boats, campfires (in a fire ring) no electric bill, cost of living is laughable… You know you wanna come out here and do it yourself! HA!

Sail on!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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