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Here are the boys at the beach today. We are at a luau for the school! From The Baker’s Acres! Read more at

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Here is my strapping oldest son. He'll be going in for surgery soon… To have the younger kids removed from his back lol From The Baker’s Acres! Read more at

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Blogger Bug… can’t report it, so I’ll post it…

I have spent way too much time trying to figure out how to fix this problem. Screw it, I am just posting it to my blog now. I am quite frustrated. Here is the issue. Look at this post right

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Baton down the hatches! Here comes the rain!

Yesterday some of the people were near the Chandlery talking about the impending storm we are about to get. Being that I lived the last 10 years in Tennessee, my definition of “storm” is not the same as theirs. They

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FAQ: Are there a lot of spiders living at a marina?

Surprisingly enough, the questions about spiders and bugs is high on the list. A lot of people ask about the spiders. So far, we have lived here since December 21, 2006 and I haven’t seen that many bugs. There are

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Here is a picture of mendel on the bridge. They love to build dams near it when it is low tide and see if it holds up during high tide. So far the score is Boys: 0High tide: 28 From

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Now that I have that out of my system…

We’re cleaning up the inside of Epiphany today. I did laundry too. Miles cleaned out and organized the drawers and I bought paper plates, bowls, and plastic utensils to avoid doing dishes. I really need to get a windsock for

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