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More on the injury… Straight from my inbox!

From my inbox: It seems like you’ve lost everything you ever knew, (RIGHT)? No, not really. I remember before the accident. I don’t really recall a lot after the accident. But before, I remember prepping the boat, I remember the

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My name is Dotchi. I have 2 kids. I live at the Marina.

Since my head injury, it has been interesting. I can remember things that happen today, some of yesterday and the day before that is a bit fuzzy. Beyond that, I can remember things but can't tell you what day they

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People We Have Met…

I got an email asking about the people we have met here. Are they nice? Who are they? What are they like? So, I am going to go down the list of people we have met here… I may skip

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Now that I know it works…

Nothing exciting is happening out here in our part of the world. Oh, wait! I just thought of one… It’s RAINING! Or so they say. I thought someone sneezed. Sometimes the “rain” falls and other times it just lingers in

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I am back and my computer is humming!

I am back! How exciting to be back. I can't wait to get writing. I am testing to see if this email program will post to the blog correctly or look like someone sneezed words onto the screen. I once

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Just a quick note before I vanish…

C minor *poof* Seriously… My computer died. I guess I touched it or something. Maybe I breathed on it before with morning breath or something, but it totally died. Like, it’s GONE! I’ll be okay. Hubby is fixing it for

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The Difficult things…

I am trying to write for my writing class. I am finding it very difficult since I find myself writing about Leslie in some aspect or another. So I decided to write about the night she died. This is like

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