Happy Birthday Daniel! (and other random thoughts)

Today (March 14th) is my brother’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

And the signs of spring are around the corner! The snow is thawing and turning everything into wet, sloppy mud! WOOHOO! I bought a bike for Miles and I. Mendel 2.0 will have his bike this coming week. So then we can all go biking around and get out a little more. I like riding my bike to work because it cuts down on my travel time. I am loving work but hoping for a Noc shift (10p- 6a) opening soon! I really want to be on that shift. I could get the boys into bed, go to work, get home, get them up and then go to bed and sleep. Then I could wake up when they get home from school and I’d actually get to SEE them! My days off are random and sometimes far between. Having the two days off would be lovely… and every other weekend would be even better! 

Oh, and I got my next article for the newspaper done. I am going to proof read it this weekend and then send it to Dad. 🙂 I can’t wait. I got a lot of responses on the last one so hopefully this one will go as well. And I have 2 assignments due in 17 days for AC, so I’ll be working on those on my nights off. I work mostly Noc shift this coming up week. I’m practicing writing for the web. I have to get better at my SEO writing and work on making my first paragraphs stronger. I have a few ideas to practice with. They’ll be coming up soon! I am still clout 4 but my page views have jumped so hopefully this is a good sign. I’ll be writing with this website…

Click Here for Write or Die!

I used it on my last article and man did it keep me motivated. I set it on kamikaze mode with a strict grace period. You type and type as fast as you can or it starts deleting your work! It worked! I was afraid to stop… and you can only pause once! It was very helpful!

I am off to bed for now. I will post more later, especially since I bought a new cell phone charger. Now I can start snapping pictures again.

Happy blogging,



I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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One comment on “Happy Birthday Daniel! (and other random thoughts)
  1. Me says:

    to school and back? the boys are in school now? we really need to get caught up! 😛

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