Update on me…

Thought I”d take a moment to update everyone on my condition. If you don’t know, I went to the doctor and they ordered and ultrasound. The Nurse Practitioner called me back and said there was a mass on my liver and said she was referring me for a CT Scan. I spent the next days in severe pain and she wouldn’t give me anything for pain. She told me to go to the Emergency Room.

That’s where this picks up… So I spent a few days quietly panicking inside and being brave on the outside. Didn”t want the kids to be scared. But inside I was going down my list of things to do before I die. Rewrite my will to make it current, write all my blogs and crap down with passwords so husband can go online and inform everyone, sell a lot of my stuff, etc. I actually broke down and cried one night. I mean, it could be a number of things (abscess, adhesions, benign tumor, cancer and a list of other things)… but the possibility was too much to think about. I researched each thing about mass on liver and how each condition was treated.

I reached the cancer section and there were two types. One was treated by removing it, the other you have about a year to live. So I convinced myself 1) I have a few symptoms but not that many 2) I’ve had this pain for years… I’d be long gone by now! and 3) It is most likely infection or adhesions. But it still worried me that MAYBE… what if this was cancer? What if I had one year left? It nagged at me!

Friday after consultation (which went fine BTW) I ate a burger and fries, had a soda and then headed to the ER at Balboa.

The took labs and had me sit in the hall (they were packed that night.) to watch me. They did a CT Scan with contrast and dye and then finally got me into a bed. They told me they couldn’t’ find a mass on my liver. They had several doctors look it over… none of them could find one. Then they said they would do an ultrasound of their own but would give me dalaudid first. It’s a synthetic morphine. Luckily, I am not allergic to that. Being out of pain was super nice! Once I was higher than a kite, they wheeled me upstairs to the ultrasound and ran it. Everything looked good. No gall stones or anything.

Back downstairs the doctor came back in and told me I have an enlarged liver. It’s freaking HUGE. You know where your kidney’s are? Well, mine stops half way down my kidney. Not half way down to it… go halfway down your kidney, draw an imaginary line across it… mine stops there. It also goes over quite a bit onto my other side.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to die was a relief. They sent me home with vicoden. I called a friend of mine in Libby and told him about what they said. He said that he suspected it was caused by something else and went down a small list of things and mentioned my duodenum. I said “Hey, I’ve had problems with that for years!” He was like “REALLY??” and then explained how he suspected that may be it. If it was swelling shut all these times, it could really wreck havoc on my liver and other organs. He told me to try taking Zantac 150 since it is as good as the protonix that they won’t give me here (but would give me in TN… and it really worked).

Yesterday husband ran out and bought some as soon as I told him this. We figured it couldn’t’ hurt to try and if all else failed I would be heartburn free 🙂 I took the first one as soon as he got back. The sensation was bizaare! I ate and then laid on my left side and I could feel EVERYTHING working. My duodenum relaxed some and I could feel stuff sliding through it (gee, wonder why I was never hungry) and then my liver tensed up, it felt like someone was squeezing toothpaste through my liver into my stomache, then my liver relaxed. This went on for awhile amid very loud gurgles and bubbly weirdness.

Later last night I took another and it relaxed more. My stomache emptied all the way finally and I was STARVING! I swear I felt like eating everything on the boat. I ate a big meal (for me) and then went to bed with the same sensations.

I woke up and was able to eat breakfast first thing without puking. A miracle for me! I have been taking Zantac for 2 days now. I’ll spare you the gross details of today, but lets just say it is working! I am not in agonizing pain anymore. It still hurts and I feel bloated above my stomache area, but it’s slowly going away. The pain is more annoying than anything now. I still get nauseous and have to take the zofran. But if I eat gently (brown rice, fruit and steamed veggies) I do okay and feel almost no pain.

And all this time it was my duodenum! I am getting a new doctor… but that’s a rant for another time. I won’t be going back to the doctor until I have a military doctor!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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One comment on “Update on me…
  1. Wow. You have been through so much… Healing thoughts coming your way!!!

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