No camera card yet…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been traveling, working, home educating and all the other excuses I can think of to keep from saying “I’m a schmuck!” LOL

I don’t have the camera card reader yet but I do know there is one around here. I’m going to take pictures of the area for everyone and place them on here. Hopefully this weekend will be NOT raining so I can do that.

Miles had his asthma appointment today. It went well. We actually learned a few things that we didn’t know. It was pretty helpful. I didn’t know I could dose the heck out of the kid on albuterol before taking him to the ER. He can take 4 puffs 3 times in a row (with 5 minutes in between each dose). That’s pretty cool. I am going to call and make their check up appointments before we come back in March. She said to call a month in advance. I did that last time but thought we were coming earlier than we did so I had to reschedule. Oops. This time I am making it for the middle of the month.

Gotta run and make dinner now. Yummy food!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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