Update… Almost there and I am behaving! (sort of)

I can update through my phone on twitter, facebook, myspace and my main blog (this one). Here are my thoughts so far on this little experiment.

1) I am writing more for money so that is good!

2) I am on social sites less and in a way that is good. But I also use them for work so staying off for fun is a bit difficult.

3) I didn’t think about all the news reading I do online each morning and I am not buying a newspaper. That’s $7.00 a week (or something close) that I can spend or save on something else. I can get a free Montanian Newspaper once a week though and any extra are .25 so that doesn’t leave me newsless.

4) I wasn’t thinking about support online when I said no computer. I will confess, when I check my emails if I see an update on Patrick, my friend’s 20-month-old with cancer, I check the updates. I am not going to skip out on my friend during a time like this. I can’t do it! Also, I am following the pray list for David Hames, a missing US citizen in Haiti. I feel that pulling my support for a week to anyone would be rude and I can’t do that. Sorry.

Here are my thoughts on each site…

FACEBOOK- I’m finding it a little hard to stay away from Facebook since I am posting my articles. Although, by now my Facebook is looking a little spammy I am sure. And I can’t even go look because I am behaving. I miss saying hi to everyone too.

MYSPACE- Can’t say I miss myspace very much. I’m not on it but once every 2 weeks or when I can figure out how to share an article. I’m just not into myspace.

TWITTER- I do miss twitter. We writers post our articles there and retweet the articles we like. I find it a social working site. Tweetdeck actually keeps me behaving and now that I am not on it, I can see that. I have to go to each site to update with an article. I’d say that Tweetdeck is one of the better tools I have. I like it a lot better! And I can check Facebook status updates there too. I think after Wednesday I will be using it more so I can use my time wiser.

THE BAKERS ACRES- Yes, this blog! I miss it but I usually update from my phone. I did hop on to correct an HTML code and add a tag or two. I’ll have to post more pictures to it today.

The other three blogs… Y’know, working on this no-computer-for-fun-only-work project has made me realize that I am not really into the other blogs I have. I like the homeschool blog for updates but I think I can get rid of a few blogs. This blog stays, the review blog and the homeschool blog all can stay. The chunk of cyber dust, the rambling blog, the other homeschool blog… They are all going to go.

I started a website during this. It’s the brain child of me and my friend. I’ll let you know when it’s a little more together. It’s a housekeeping website. I won’t say any more than that. But it’ll be ready to debut in about a week (or less).

My grade for myself so far? Hmmm, I am thinking maybe a B. I get points off for not leaving my friends hanging and continuing to read their updates. I also get points off for starting a website since it wasn’t in the plan for the week. I am not trying to make money off it (more points off) just trying to help people (can I have points for that?) I did add ads to the website on the sidebar… can I have points back for that?

Okay, so what do you think I should get?

Well, I am off to get more articles done and see what I can do for money and income! At least I am having fun while doing it LOL.

Happy surfing without me!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

Posted in No Computer Week January 2010

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