It’s getting closer!

Today my friend and I are going to Spokane to pick up my husband while the kiddos stay and play with friends and have an impromptu hang out session. He’ll be here for 10 days for the holiday season.

It got me to thinking about the holidays and I have noticed that a lot of people are wishing “Merry Christmas” before it even hits now. I was just curious as to why. That would be like wishing everyone a Happy Birthday weeks before their actual birthday. Now, someone told me it’s because it’s “the season” for wishing “Merry Christmas”. I don’t think so! Christmas happens on an actual day. It’s not a month long celebration like Ramadan or something like that. It’s a DAY. 

So, I wish Happy Holidays instead… but I get called the Grinch for not saying “Merry Christmas”. You know what, people, not everyone celebrates Christmas. On Christmas day I wish people a “Merry Christmas”. 

Just because people have their pagan tree up (and what does that have to do with Jesus’ birth?) the day after Thanksgiving doesn’t make the month of December Christmas. It’s December 25th. Yet, I get called all sorts of names because I say Happy Holidays. They say I am taking the “Christ” out of Christmas. So let me clear a few things up:

  1. I’m not a Christian. The only reason we celebrate Christmas is because my husband is a Christian.
  2. I am not taking “Christ” out of Christmas. The media did that for you. So stop blaming me.
  3. What the hell does a tree, stockings, elves and a fat man have to do with your prophet being born?
  4. Christmas is on December 25th, not the entire month of December. So when I say Happy Holidays, I am including all my friends that have holidays this month, Christian included. How is that being Grinchy?
  5. Saying Merry Christmas excludes all my Jewish, Muslim, Pagan and Wiccan friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to wish everyone joy instead of one small group?

I am so sick and tired of being called names just because I say Happy Holidays. I am about to tell everyone to go stuff it up their chimney, pour a stiff glass of eggnog and lock myself away until New Year.

Bah Humbug!
Dotchi Latham


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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