13 Cool Android Apps I MUST have on my Droid

I recently bought a Droid 2 for my upgrade with Verizon Wireless. At first I promised myself I would not add a bunch of apps on my phone… then I found the android marketplace and the Amazon.com android apps and that promise went right out the window. Here are 13 Android apps I love having on my Droid. I am not posting games though, that will be another post.

This cool app let’s me work on my blogger posts no matter where I am. You will need to download the Airpush Permanently Opt-out app though. The downside to the free blogger app is that it pops up with a shit ton of ads that will show up in your notification bar. Once I got rid of those freaking bastards I am loving the Blogger-Droid app. If you can spring for the $4.80 for the paid version, it’s way more awesome. You can Bold, italicize, underline and more to your text. I haven’t finished experimenting with all I can do but I love it so far!

ICE: In Case of Emergency
What if you were in an accident and your phone was locked? There wouldn’t be a good way to find your emergency contacts or information. But with the ICE app emergency personnel are able to open the ICE app even if your phone is locked. Add your personal medical info (like allergies), emergency contact information and their relationship to you, and anything else you’d like to add. You can also add a note of who to call in case you lose your phone.

Alarm Clock Xtreme
With this app, you will never have to worry about sleeping through our alarm again. It starts out soft and gets louder over the next 60 seconds. Worried about smacking the snooze button too many times? Don’t be! This app will let you pick how many times you are allowed to hit snooze. And if you are like me and dismiss alarms then fall right back into a coma, you can have the dismiss button take you to math problems that you have to solve before you are allowed to dismiss the alarm.

Book readers
I have four book readers on my phone. Now I can read books anywhere without the extra luggage. Kindle, Nook and Google books are great book reader apps that let you purchase books from their online stores. Wattpad is an app for free eBooks that has a large library. I found a few good books so far and with their large library of books, I am sure to find many more.

ByteMe Phone Spy
I know I am not the only one to lose my phone, right? And calling it works great if your ringer volume is turned up. If it’s on silent or vibrate, you are pretty much screwed until you happen to run across it again. With this nifty app, you can send a text to your phone with a secret code. When your phone receives the code, the app will sound an alarm, even if your phone is on silent! If your phone is stolen, you can text another secret code to your phone and it will text back the GPS coordinates of your phone. While I haven’t used the GPS locator, I have found my phone a few times much faster than searching for it and trying to remember what room I had it in last.

Catch Notes
This is a neat app to keep notes in. But unlike other apps, you can add tags to each note with the # sign like you would do on twitter. Then when you are looking for a note, you can search by tags. If I saved a note with #dotchi at the end of it, I could search all dotchi tags and it would show me all notes with that tag. The app journal works with catch notes also and is a great way to journal gratitude, kindness and meditations.

Chore Checklist
I love this app. There are routines that can repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. And each chore can have its own reminder that will show up in your notification bar. It’s easy to add new routines and chores that repeat so you don’t have to remember to reset the chore. It does it for you. I use this with my Motivated Moms chores list.

Mint let’s you manage your money, plan budgets and plan goals. With the mint app, you can do this from your android phone. I added a password to mine for added security.

Out of Milk
I love this app. I can make a grocery list, add the price and quantity of each item and it totals your grocery bill for you. You can add in sales tax in the apps preferences screen too. It has a pantry inventory and a to do list also. Although I don’t use the to do list, but the rest of the app is wonderful.

Quick Office
This app is like Microsoft office with spreadsheets. Only it’s on your phone and easy to get to no matter where you are.

How could you have kids on a road trip without the Youtube app? It’s a great app that let’s you watch Youtube videos right on your phone. Now when I am at hang out night and someone mentions a Youtube video, I can just search for it and share it right then and there.

Facebook app
The facebook app let’s me post updates, pictures, read my friends updates, chat and view my profile and my friends profile. Okay, so you can’t play farmville on it, but it’s a lite version of facebook and I love it. There are also apps for twitter and other social sites but I like facebook the best.

Sleep Bot
Ever wonder how much sleep you getting each night? Wonder no more. This app has a button to press when you are going to sleep and when you wake up. It’ll log the hours of sleep you are getting each day. I have mine set to put my phone in airplane mode when I go to sleep. You can also edit your sleep entries in case you forgot to hit the button, select the hours you need to sleep each night, gives you tips on getting better sleep and have graphs so you can visualize your weeks sleep.

Okay, now I am curious. What are your favorite apps?


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