My inflammatory markers are elevated, cough syrup anyone?

I got a call from the doctors office today. The CMA told me that my lab results show that my inflammatory markers are slightly elevated. I have no idea what that means. I guess I should have asked. I’ll call tomorrow and ask. All I know is that I am still in a lot of pain. The Tramadol isn’t helping at all. My back burns insanely and I have become a touch of a hermit because of it.

I don’t go to the store if I can find any way to avoid it. I usually end up in tears by the time I am done. It’s agony to walk through my house anymore, much less a whole grocery store. The most places I go are to the mail store (they bring my mail out to me), Nikky’s house, and Town Pump. I have no life now. But I have to say, I have had fun crocheting!

I will have to post some of my crochet projects sometime. I am making about five blankets, a purse, matching crochet hook bag for my purse and matching slippers. I have a lot of time on my hands so I will have plenty of projects to do and complete! I also decided that since everyone is getting sick, it was time to make couch syrup. I love my homemade cough syrup!

So I went to Nikky’s house and we made three batches of cough syrup. Cherry with onion, cherry without onion (for the onion allergic) and strawberry with onion. I have to say, I have never had a strawberry batch turn out like this before. We made two batches in one and somewhere along the way it went wrong. The finished product looked like blood and pus mixed with a little vomit and smelled like rancid garbage. My guess is that we used the wrong onion. The cherry syrup mix turned out wonderful! I ended up taking some last night and it works like I remember it to!

For the rest of today, I will be working on updating all my blogs, writing, posting recipes and working on my book. Today is just going to be a writing day! At the end of the day, I will start my very own herbal book! I am excited!!!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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