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Insane Week!

This week was just insane. I do have suggestions for topics to post. And I will update about the emu oil in a few days. Definitely good! It’s close to a miracle but not exactly (Lily I promise I will

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I bought Emu Oil for my Injured Back. Let the Experiment Begin!

I read a lot about the wonders of Emu Oil and was looking for some. The only one I found in Libby was so pricey that I don’t care how much pain I am in… I can’t afford that! I

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Google+ and Facebook…

I was pretty upset about the new Facebook layout last week. I actually thought about going off Facebook for about a week but then changed my mind as I played around with the new features. When I learned that Google+ went live, I was

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Turn Off the Facebook Ticker! I hate Facebook’s New Layout…

Facebook has really screwed up this time. The first thing I noticed, since I have ADD, is how ridiculous it is to have a ticker running your friends every move on Facebook right there in Facebook. That’s like building a Wal*Mart

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Better Blogging: This Blog’s Basics

Darren at 31 Days to Building a Better Blog made a really good point in one of the assignments. Not everyone is going to know what my blog is about. I even asked in a forum for a little help

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Wow. So much response to the last post, it’s overwhelming!

So I checked for comments and saw that I had a few. I was so excited thinking someone actually read the last post and replied. NOPE! Now, don’t get me wrong, I did have two responses in email (Thank you!) but

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Better Blogging: Run a Reader Survey

On 31 Days to Building a Better Blog, my next task to tackle is to run a reader survey. Because I do care what my readers think, I thought this would be perfect! SO, here is the first reader survey:

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