Better Blogging: First Time Reader Audit

My project for today in 31 Days to Building a Better Blog was actually completed about a week ago. Running a first time reader audit for me is a bit difficult since so many people I know already read my blog. Then I had a great idea! Sky and Donna S! Sky and Donna S don’t have internet at home, don’t actively follow my blog and are pretty honest about the layout of websites.

I invited them over for a hang out and asked each of them to sit down and look at my blog. I briefly explained why by telling them I am doing a first time reader audit. I wanted them to look at my blog, browse it, read a little and just stay on it until they were bored. Then tell me what they thought.

Donna S Surfing

Donna S went first since she hasn’t seen my blog at all except for the few times they came over and I said “Hey looky what I added to my blog!” and that was about the end of it. I couldn’t sit right next to her to stare over her shoulder and see what she was clicking on but I was able to lay down on the couch behind her and sort of watch her from across the room.

Donna S did great as a first time reader. She stayed on the blog a lot longer than I thought she would, I saw her checking out the sidebar and she clicked on the About Me page. I was just starting to nod off when I her her giggle at something. I looked up to see what page she was viewing and it was one about Montana and Tennessee. After awhile she finally finished and we started talking about the blog.

Donna S Review

She said she really likes it, likes the writing style, the backgrounds that she has seen are really cool, the articles are fun to read and the about me page is very interesting to read and the recipe page looks delicious! She liked two articles that stuck with her the most. The article about comparing Montana to Tennessee and the article about A CNA doing nice things. Those things she can relate to since she lives in Montana and was a CNA in the past. She said she didn’t read the Android apps post because she doesn’t have a cell phone.

I asked if there was anything she would change and she said she couldn’t think of anything. It was nicely laid out, easy to use, not confusing…. but maybe do something about the blinking ads. She has seizures and didn’t need to go into one. (I NEVER thought about that!) There isn’t much I can do about that so I just changed the sizes. I haven’t seen any that blink since then. Here’s hoping that’s fixed!

I asked what she would remember most about the blog if never came back to it. She said the writing, how pretty it is and that blinking ad. Oops on the ad but cool on the other two 🙂

Sky Surfing 

Next my brother, Sky, sat down with the blog. I knew he would be a good candidate from a first time reader because he is a lot like me. He tends to have A.D.O.S. which stands for Attention Deficit… OH SHINY!  I was curious to see how long he would stay on the page. I gave him the same instructions as Donna and then wandered off.

I was having a seriously hard time focusing that day so I didn’t really watch where he clicked. The times I did see him browsing he was doing the same as Donna S. Scrolling a bit and checking out the About me page.

Sky’s Review

Sky’s review is the blog is clean looking and well organized. It wasn’t confusing and cluttered like some of the pages he goes to view. He liked the about me page and my style of writing and just generally the lay out. He also likes the different backgrounds I use. I also likes that I have different topics and that it’s not JUST a blog about one specific thing.

He didn’t stay on the blog as long as Donna (about half the time) but he said it was engaging enough to keep him there for a little while. What will he remember? The clean, organized feel of the blog.

How about you?

Are you a first time reader? What do you like about the blog? What would you change? Do you have anything you dislike? Let me know! Shoot me an email with your review.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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