Better Blogging: Affiliate Programs

Today on 31 Days to Building a Better Blog, I read the article for searching for an affiliate program for your blog. I do have an associates account although I rarely use it. Usually I use it when posting recipes and that’s about it. But I can use it to post a link to books I love, my favorite cleanermy son’s Science book,  or anything else I feel like linking as well. It really depends on what I am posting.

In theory, if I actually used it often, it could help make money with blogging. But I always feel bad if there isn’t a really good reason to put a link in my blog, like uncommon ingredients for recipes. I felt like that would be along the lines of doing this…

I’m BROKE! Send money! PLEASE!!!

But seriously, I never really thought about it as ads. After all, nothing happens until someone buys using the link I made. I’m not sure why I agonize over the links. I have adsense ads on my blog… why am I all modest about the amazon links? I am weird. I have come to that conclusion (and about 99% of people who have met me). Maybe I should try therapy. Wouldn’t that be a fun session… “You see, it all started when I signed up for Amazon affiliates…”. I’ll be in a padded room in no time.

But I am digressing… While I probably won’t use them in every single post, I am sure there are times when I could add a link for a few things here and there. I just don’t want to over-link the hell out of my post like I did in the first paragraph.

But, hey, check out the links [insert evil grin here]. I worked harder on that than I should have! I tend to have fun with links sometimes LOL.

As for the assignment, I don’t know of a lot of affiliate programs but I did look around. I think I have enough ads. I will have to make it work. I don’t want my blog weighted down with a jillion ads. So I think I am done with the assignment, except for trying to add a link once in awhile.

I did read up a little more on the topic though. If you really want to read more, here ProBlogger gives 10 Tips for Listing Affiliate Programs on your blog. It was quite useful in that I finally don’t fear Amazon’s program. I do like that I can place an actual ad in the blog post for something relevant to that topic. Like this…

This is Problogger’s book on making money blogging. I figured that was quite appropriate for this post. I can’t see wanting to put an ad like this on the blog post very often… but then too, I was just thinking, that might be helpful in recipes. I buy some of my ingredients online from Amazon because I do get better deals. Hmmmm, I will have to seriously ponder that.

Hey, while I have you all here… Here is another link I am going to practice with.

This is my dad’s book. He is an awesome writer. I know I am biased. Whatever.

You may now return to your regular blog surfing. I know I am!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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2 comments on “Better Blogging: Affiliate Programs
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  2. LMAO Anonymous poster… You are a trip. This dropped into the spam folder but after reading it, I laughed and just HAD to post it here. Great sense of humor. I love it!

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