I bought Emu Oil for my Injured Back. Let the Experiment Begin!

I read a lot about the wonders of Emu Oil and was looking for some. The only one I found in Libby was so pricey that I don’t care how much pain I am in… I can’t afford that! I found a bottle of Emu Oil at Mountain Meadow Gifts just about a block and a half from my house. It’s a half a fluid ounce for $8.99 which is still pricey. But it says to use 3 drops on the affected area. If it works, I will be back at work in no time (I hoping!) and then I can afford the pricey big bottle.

But, before I start the experiment, I wanted to document how I am doing right now without the emu oil so I can compare later with better clarity. I will do this by using the Pain Management worksheet I got in the mail for my pain specialist appointment that is on Wednesday. Here it goes…

Pain Level Right Now: 6.7 (I have a pain scale app I use)

Describe your pain: It’s a burning pain that starts in my lower back and radiates around and down, all the way to the soles of my feet. It ends up turning into a stabbing sensation just in the back and has intermittent “shock” like sensations that start in the middle lower back and radiates outward to my sides (it’s not daily). It’s a quick shock feeling and then goes away. Every once in a while, I have this “crunchy” feeling in my lower back. It doesn’t really hurt though it’s just disconcerting and uncomfortable. Every once in a while I also have a “pop” feeling in my lower back (it’s not daily either). Not sure what that is. It hurts for a few seconds and then subsides.

Pattern: The pain is constant. I only one or two pain free days since June 26 (and I was so excited! I thought I was better… next day, HELL NO!) It gradually builds up during the day until my legs feel like Jell-O by nighttime. It feels like someone has tied lead weights to my feet and lifting my legs becomes so difficult that I sometimes end up tripping and falling. It’s like my legs don’t work anymore. The pain is much worse in the evening than in the morning and any movement makes it worse also.

What relieves the pain? 3 celery stalks juiced (makes about 1 cup of celery juice) really helps. Actually it helps more than I thought it would. The problem is that with my rotation diet I can have celery juice once every 3 days. And according to research, I can’t take more than 1 cup of vegetable juice daily or I will overdose on the good stuff in it. I tried drinking 1 cup each day, but eventually I was so nauseous from it that I had to stop and wait for a few days to start again.

What Causes or increases the pain? Any movement at all. Walking and sitting are horrendous. But I can’t just lay around all day so I make myself walk, even though I am dying inside.

Effects of Pain
Accompanying symptoms: When it’s bad enough, I start shaking uncontrollably. I get headaches from lack of sleep. Sometimes it hurts so much that I get nauseous. I haven’t actually thrown up though.

Sleep: Sucks. I sleep maybe 4 hours a night. Usually I sleep for an hour at a time and wake up in pain. They gave me ambien to help me sleep. I can sleep 6 hours (sometimes) on ambien but I wake up every couple of hours miserable and then I feel out of it for the rest of the day. My sleep hasn’t been solid, restful sleep for awhile now.

Appetite: I noticed I either starving or have no appetite. I’m not sure if I should count that… but before I was almost always wanting to eat something. I had to eat every 2 hours. Now, i make myself eat a few bites every couple hours and have a main meal for the day.

Physical Activity: Uhm, well, I can dress myself and bathe myself. I force myself to walk 2 blocks and back each day (sometimes more) because I am afraid my legs will atrophy and cause more problems. But I have to skip days because the pain is so intense I can barely function. I do manage to do light housework. I am up to 20 minutes about 2 to 3 times a day. I can sometimes stand long enough to cook a meal, other times I can stand long enough to microwave oatmeal.

Relationship with others: When I hurt, I am a complete bitch. I don’t know how anyone can stand me sometimes. 😦 But I do pretty well most of the time. Although I am pretty irritable from pain a lot. I try to cope with it when people are around, especially hang out night! I usually end up going and laying down in bed so I don’t start getting cranky when everyone is here. I just lay there by myself.

Emotions:  When I first wake up, I am in a pretty good mood. I try to be positive as much as possible. When I really start hurting bad, I am not as chipper. I end up crying from the pain a lot. Mostly it’s when I just can’t take being in pain anymore. I have days where I am pretty angry about the whole thing. I have days where I just don’t really want to do anything. Partly because I am exhausted and partly because I just don’t want to move. If I move it hurts worse. I just want a day without intense pain.

Current Pain Medication: None.

Other Meds: Benadryl PRN for allergies, Chew Vitamins (2 daily), Ambien (not taking it though), Albuterol inhaler PRN


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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4 comments on “I bought Emu Oil for my Injured Back. Let the Experiment Begin!
  1. lily says:

    Oh Dotchi, I feel your pain…literally. I share about 99% of the same symptoms as you do.

    I would be really interested to see if the emu oil does indeed work.

    Hope you're not suffering too badly today. Sending you a virtual (((hug)))

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Emu Lady says:


    I have felt your pain – although I don't any longer. I suffered a 12-13 month flare up of arthritis inflammation about 5 years back and it devastated my life. Emu Oil, along with lifestyle changes (losing weight and exercising) relieved the inflammation and returned my life.

    However – I am going to tell you that while emu oil itself is a strong anti-inflammatory – for someone at your pain level – it would be better to work with emu oil combined with other ingredients like arnica, menthol, etc. My partners and I at Songline Emu Farm worked with a lab on our DuoFlex Pain Relief System to create a great pain relieving cream coupled with gel caps which easily allow you to take the emu oil internally.

    Here are two youtube videos – one explains the product the second is customer testimonials. Let me know if you are interested.

  4. Why thank you so much for the kind words, Anonymous! You really made my day 🙂

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