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Happy Birthday to my Pumpkin Baby!

(Mendel with his pet rat, Yen, at a rest area) Note to email readers: If you get this in email, you might want to go to the blog. I am posting pictures! Today I am officially the mom of two

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Profound Thoughts of a Mother

I have been pondering this topic for awhile now. My sister-in-law suggested that I blog about my most profound thought as a mother. Damn you Tammy! Making me think! At first I was really excited about it but then I

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Question to my readers: How’s the font size?

I was checking out the blog on different browsers. The one I usually check it on (Chrome) looked fine. Firefox on the other hand, the font looks very small. So I thought I would ask everyone out there… does it

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Shining Mommy Moments… We All Have them

My friends and I have the running phrase called “Shining Mommy Moments” for the times when we do something absent-minded or stupid that we should probably have our kids toted off to a safe house for the rest of the

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Not-so-FAQ: What is "wheatshits"?

I was told I should post this as my description is entertaining. Well, okay then… So I mentioned to someone that I was miserable and have wheatshits today. I got the befuddled look of WTF and was asked “what is

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Emu Oil and Back Pain… the Experiment Updated!

So I bought emu oil as I said in my other post and it is helping… but it’s not as “miracle treatment” as I hoped it would be. Here we go… back to the form. You can read my other post

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Taking Care of Kittens

I haven’t been on lately because I have been taking care of baby kittens. The momma cat had to be put down. It was very sad đŸ˜¦ but the kittens made it just fine. We think one is blind though.

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