Emu Oil and Back Pain… the Experiment Updated!

So I bought emu oil as I said in my other post and it is helping… but it’s not as “miracle treatment” as I hoped it would be. Here we go… back to the form. You can read my other post to compare the answers.

Pain Level Right Now: 5.2 (I am doing this about the same time of day)

Describe your pain: It’s still a burning pain that radiates and it still turns into a stabbing pain but it takes a little longer for it to hit the stabbing pain part. I also noticed that if I lay down on my side, the stabbing pain subsides quite a bit. I have only felt the shock sensation twice since starting the emu oil. I still feel the crunchy and popping feeling but it doesn’t hurt now. It just feels weird. 

I have to say, while I still hurt pretty bad, it is less intense. I also noticed that I can move easier which is rather nice. Although the burning pain is pretty bad by the end of the day or after attempting to clean my house.

Pattern: The pain is still constant. It gradually builds up during the day still and it’s still until my legs feel like Jell-O. I have noticed that the lead feeling on my legs is more now. Which kind of confuses me. I figured it would get better the more I move… NOPE! But, I am still hoping it gets better. Maybe it still needs more time. Go ahead and tell me I am delusional, I have heard it already. The pain is much worse in the evening still but relaxes faster when I am sitting and chilling.

What relieves the pain? I still drink 3 celery stalks juiced but not as often. It makes me have the runs. Not a fun way to get rid of pain. I also found that 50 mg of Benadryl helps to knock me out so I don’t really care that I am in pain. But then I wake up in agony because I slept in one position all night. So it’s a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” kind of thing.

What Causes or increases the pain? Yes, that is still the same as before, but it’s not as intense as quick, which is rather nice.

Effects of Pain
Accompanying symptoms: When it’s bad enough, I start shaking uncontrollably still, just not as often now. I get headaches from lack of sleep still. Sometimes it hurts so much that I get nauseous still. I am really starting to feel exhaustion. Not “oh I worked a lot and I am exhausted” but, “holy crap, I think I am going to collapse because I can’t function anymore from the lack of sleep” exhaustion.

Sleep: Sucks still but now I sleep about 4-6 hours each day, not all at once though. Occasionally, I will take the benadryl and knock myself out for a bit. It’s solid sleep but I still wake up very tired.

Appetite: I noticed I have a better appetite now. I am not sure what to chalk that up to… Less pain, more moving or what. But it’s nice.

Physical Activity: I do a lot better at dressing and bathing now. I don’t always have to use the shower chair. I do if it’s at night, but in the morning I don’t need it anymore. I can walk farther now! That’s really exciting! I do have to take a day to rest still but it’s not so bad. I just chill at home and walk around at home. Before I would just chill, very little walking. Now I can chill with walks around the house. I can clean the house for 30 minutes at a time now. Sometimes a little more, about four times a day with breaks in between, usually about on hour or two. I can stand long enough to cook real meals again. It’s actually quite nice 🙂

Relationship with others:  I still get bitchy, just not as often. I am more social now but with the occasional bowel incontinence (something I was too embarrassed to mention before) I still don’t want to go out anywhere for any length of time. It’s rather embarrassing and I just die inside thinking I might crap myself out in public.

Emotions:  Mostly it’s the same, although I don’t cry from pain as much. I am in a better mood thinking that there might be an end in sight. This has given me a lot of hope.

Current Pain Medication: None. The other day I did get my TENS unit. On Monday I am getting an epidural steroid injection. I am hoping a combo of all these things will eventually WORK and I can get back to my regular life. I was really starting to feel bummed and down about the whole thing but I am renewed when it comes to hope and thinking positive about the outcome again.

Other Meds: Benadryl PRN for allergies, Chew Vitamins (2 daily), Flovent (2 puffs in the morning and night), Albuterol inhaler PRN


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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