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Free Video Game Week: ourWorld

Miles next pick for Free Video Game Week was ourWorld. We started out playing it yesterday. The first thing that I noticed is that it’s really addictive and fun. The second thing I noticed is that it’s like you go

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Video Game Week: Some games take a little longer…

I am learning a lot this week about video games. One thing I learned yesterday, playing one game can be fast and fun, while playing another game can take all day long and be more time consuming, more involved and

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FREE Video Game Week: Need for Speed World

For our first game, Miles picked Need for Speed World. You sign up (which is very easy) and download the game. Then log-in and pick your car and driver. You can practice driving first, which I highly suggest, and then

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FREE Video Game Week

My 16 year old son gave me a wonderful idea for this coming up week! Free Video Game Week! No, we aren’t giving away video games, I wish I could. We will be playing a free video game a day

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Redundancies I Love to Hate

Sometimes we say something that is redundant without even thinking about what we said. I catch myself doing it and I cringe. Here are some the ones that really get under my skin. Hot water heater… It’s just a water heater.

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FAQ: Where is the share button?

From an anonymous comment:  “…where can I find share btn? (P.S. Don’t think I’m blind)” No, anonymous reader, you are not blind. I had a share button and apparently blogger ate my code. I fixed it by adding a new

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Happy Thanksgiving to my USA Readers

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers! With all our food allergies, I decided today would be a good day to hang out with the kids and play video games rather than trying to concoct an allergy-friendly menu.  I am making

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