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Work Comp is smoking rocks! Are they INSANE!?

I got a letter from Pam at Esis. It says: Dear Ms. Baker: I have scheduled an Independent Medical Evaluation with Dr. Schumpert on January 23, 2012, Monday at 9:15 AM. The appointment will take place at [address] Missoula, MT

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Urologist and Sedentary Work

I went to the doctor on Monday to see the urologist. They had me pee into a special container under a funnel attached to a bedside commode. I didn’t really feel like I had to go but I tried anyway.

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Epidural Steroid Injections and Burning Legs/ Leg Weakness

I spent my week on Benadryl so I mostly played video games, homeschooled my kids and tried to stay awake. On Tuesday I had my follow up appointment with the Pain Doctor. I explained about that I think I am

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Working on Minecraft

My game testers are working on Minecraft. I have been pretty busy with paperwork this weekend. Wednesday we will start working on the blog posts for game reviews on Battlefield Play 4 Free and Minecraft and hopefully we will have

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My Game Testers

Here are my kids in “helping mom test games” mode. We are trying a Halo trial. I am getting a lot better at first person shooters. It helps that I can kill my kids all day long and not go

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Video Game Review: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

I heard about Pirates of the Caribbean Online from my youngest son so I had to check it out. Miles, Mendel and I spent days playing this game to see how far you can get on a free account. Each

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OurWorld Question: Can you buy coins with real money?

I looked around ourWorld and didn’t see any place to buy coins for real money, but you can buy gems for real money. Almost everything that I have seen can be bought with gems. I’ll update if I find something

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