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Stupid Kitchen Products I will Never Buy!

While browsing the internet yesterday, I was searching for kitchen items I want to eventually buy. I was making an “I want it!” list for all the things I will probably never be able to afford but if I ever

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Two New Projects this Week! Keeping myself busy

Now that I am adjusting to the new meds a little and I am not as tired constantly, I decided to find something to occupy my time a little better. Of course, blogging is on that list! But I added

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1,110 posts: My Favorite Top 5 Blog Blogs

Wow! My blog finally hit 1,110 posts! Go me! In celebration, I decided to share my top 10 favorite blog blogs. Sit back, grab the coffee and enjoy! My favorite blog blog #1: ProbloggerProblogger is a pretty awesome blog. I

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Mother’s Day Gifts I love to Remember!

Love knot earrings: my first Mother’s Day gift.I just wanted to hop on here and wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. I became a mom in 1991 when my first son, Brandon, was born. He died in my arms five

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