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Smoker Reducer Quit Smoking Android App: It Really Works!

I have tried to quit smoking several times since I moved and nothing seemed to work. I didn’t want to be cranky with my children so I would continue smoking. I tried reducing the number of cigarettes I smoked but

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So I had an idea…

I was sitting here thinking about how dull a housekeeping blog can be. You start out with routines you do daily, weekly and all that good stuff. Then they give tips and motivational speeches. It’s always the same with variations

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What Color is my Parachute? RAINBOW!

After my last appointment to the doctor, it finally all hit home. I might be MMI’d for my work injury. Which means they have done everything they can. Which is BS because they keep denying everything I want to try.

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3 Reasons to Quit Using your Microwave. By Guest Blogger, Kate Croston

     If you are anything like most people nowadays, then you use your microwave for everything you cook, practically. You use it to defrost the meat for dinner, heat up the soup for lunch and even cook the turkey bacon

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Afghans and Recipes

With the kid’s dad visiting, I have been working on an afghan for Miles’ birthday. I am hoping to get it done by the 15th. I decided to do a granny square in red, black and purple. And if I

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