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No Poo: What I am Learning from being Frugal

I posted on October 7th that I was going to No Poo my hair (Use no shampoo) and see how it went. I am pretty pleased about it so far! Here are some of the things I have noticed so

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Hearing Aids: I can HEAR again!

After the Epidural Steroid Injection, I noticed I can’t hear for anything. I was feeling conversationally deaf. Guess what!? I am. Oh… So I went to costco and had a hearing test done. I am conversationally deaf if there is

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I will Heal my Back Injury Myself!

Over a year ago, I injured my back. It’s a long story and some day I will sit down and type it out. For now, we’ll just say I am trying to find a way to make my back better.

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I am not Shampooing my hair… ever again!

I like to plan ahead for everything, sometimes compulsively so. I’ll be talking to my therapist about that tomorrow. Until then, I had this brilliant idea for series of blog posts! Things you can buy on food stamps (or mostly

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No, I don’t have Meningitis. But thank you for your concern…

BackgroundA few days ago, my friend sent me links to articles about cases of meningitis that are linked to tainted batches of the steroid they use for Epidural Steroid Injections. Shortly after that, I got more emails and texts concerned

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