69 Things that Make me Happy!

Over a year ago, I started this post about 101 things I love. I stopped at #69 and in proper A.D.D. fashion, I got sidetracked and completely forgot about it. SO, here for you today… 

69 Things that make me happy!

  1. Chocolate: I LERV chocolate! It’s my favorite tooth rotter on the planet!
  2. Coffee: I just don’t live without coffee! Add chocolate to it and I am in heaven!
  3. May-05 09:32, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  4. My kids! They are the greatest! Let’s not forget Brandon too! May his little soul RIP!
  5. Jun-12 23:12, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  6. . Kittens. Yep, I actually love those cute little balls of claws and teeth. 
  7. 2011-11-27_23-57-02_334

  8. Presents! Yes, all the boxes and bags in this picture are presents… and the kid… that was my Valentines Day present!
  9. Christmas presents arrived!

  10. SNOW! I know a lot of people say that it’s a four letter word… Well it is. But I still love it and I don’t get my mouth washed out with soap when I say it… except at Nikky’s house.
  11. 2011-11-17_08-39-28_686

  12. Getting fit and healthy! Those orange highlighter marks are my weight loss in inches on various parts of my body. I haven’t done the highlighting measure in a while, I should do that again!
  13. Inches Lost 25 March 2010

  14. National Geographic Magazine. I love them so much. My friend gave me a bunch to sell. But I have a problem doing that. No one can pry them from my white knuckled fingers.
  15. Photobucket

  16. Stuffed Animal Fights! Oh come on, how can you not love beating the crap out of your parents with flowers?
  17. Jun-12 23:25, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  18. Sunglasses. The darker the better. I think I need a twelve step program for this. Really I do!
  19. Jun-12 23:22, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  20. Damn. It’s my favorite cuss word. 
  21. Jun-12 23:17, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  22. Traveling. If I had an endless supply of money, I would have a really cool RV and you’d never see me or my kids again. Well, I’d blog a ton, but you wouldn’t see much of me. I tend to get a wild hair and I’M OFF!!!
  23. Jun-12 23:13, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  24. Taking pictures of everyone I drive to the emergency room or a doctors appointment. It’s a sick obsession, I know. It’s a lot of fun for me, but paybacks are a bitch!
  25. Jun-12 23:02, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  26. Doodling with henna! It’s like a tattoo that goes away after a few weeks.
  27. May-28 17:59, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  28. My co-workers… I really miss them!
  29. May-28 17:58, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  30. My nieces and nephews… and the random photos that come to my phone of them. OMG! He looks like his DAD! Poor kid. Just kidding Karl!
  31. May-28 17:57, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  32. Taking random pictures of my face in various settings making various faces. I have no idea why I do this, but 4,000 some odd pictures of my face later and I still enjoy it.
  33. May-07 22:30, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  34. Trees. I just want to run up and hug one! Without trees, the land just seems naked.
  35. May-07 22:30, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  36. Car scent dangly thingies. They make my car not stink.
  37. May-07 22:28, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  38. Fireplaces. They just say HOME and make the place seem cozy.
  39. May-07 22:27, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  40. Playing with random camera features on my phone. I have no idea what I was doing here.
  41. May-07 22:25, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  42. MOOSE ANTLERS! Way cooler than bunny ears.
  43. May-07 22:19, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  44. The cold! Way better than the heat!
  45. May-07 22:17, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  46. My kids artwork. They are really talented. This is too good for the fridge. 
  47. May-07 22:15, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  48. Icicles. Oh sure, it falls under “snow” and “cold” but icicles are awesome all by themselves!
  49. May-07 22:13, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  50. Sledding! Okay, so I won’t be doing that anytime soon, but it’s tons of fun!
  51. May-07 22:11, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  52. Warming up after sledding. This usually consists of hot cocoa/ carob drinks, toe warmers, blankets and lots of snuggling!
  53. May-06 22:04, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  54. Stumbling across cute kids and cats together. It’s better than running into a room of a screaming kid and finding the cat attacking them LOL.
  55. May-05 09:35, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  56. Birthday PARTIES! (Hey Beck!)
  57. May-05 08:34, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  58. Nikky’s allergy-friendly apple pie. I eat it before I remember to take a picture 🙂 It’s just THAT good! This can of filling pales in comparison to Nikky’s apple pie!
  59. May-05 07:29, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  60. Museums. Depending on what they are about, they can be pretty awesome!
  61. May-05 03:03, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  62. Going to baseball games with the kids. That was a ton of fun!
  63. May-05 02:58, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  64. Teaching my kids to be helpful. Miles won these tickets for helping after a boat bash. I was quite proud of him 🙂
  65. May-05 02:50, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  66. Watching my kids learn something cool!
  67. May-05 02:37, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  68. Finding random messages etched into sidewalks. I don’t know why, I just love it!
  69. May-05 02:18, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  70. Window shopping. All the fun of shopping without spending a dime (sometimes!). It’s like making a real life wish list.
  71. May-05 02:05, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  72. Public fountains, especially the really cool ones that have spinning marble balls on them.
  73. May-05 02:01, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  74. The beach. I really love the Atlantic beaches but any beach is still cool with me.
  75. May-05 01:29, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  76. Night time at the marina. It’s so quiet and peaceful, no sunshine, cool breeze.
  77. Photobucket

  78. New tires for my car. I really love the studded snow tires for winter. Green Diamond tires were actually the best tries EVER!
  79. Photobucket

  80. Montezumas Revenge on the Commodore 64! My all time favorite video game! 
  81. Photobucket

  82. Rock and roll! PARTY ON!
  83. May-04 23:57, Uploaded by Photobucket Mobile Uploader.

  84. Little Golden Books. While not all the stories are golden, I love the books! They are so classic and the stories are cute. These are my two favorite books!
  85. Photobucket

  86. Interesting things I find at antique stores. I love browsing the antique stores and finding unusual and unique items.
  87. Photobucket

  88. Atari. I still have an old Atari system for playing games. It’s doesn’t get much better than that!
  89. Photobucket

  90. Finding a new food I can eat. How exciting is that! With 47 food allergies, any new food is cause for celebration.
  91. Photobucket

  92. Avocado Green. My favorite color!
  93. Avocado Pictures, Images and Photos

  94. Old books. I have something about them that make me love them. Maybe it’s the smell. Maybe it’s the old look or the thought that many people may have handled this book centuries before I was born… I just love them!
  95. book Pictures, Images and Photos

  96. Working with Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. 
  97. Alzheimer's Pictures, Images and Photos

  98. Wearing colorful, crazy, fuzzy pajama pants. They are so comfortable! It’s like a pampering session all day!
  99. Pajama Pants Pictures, Images and Photos

  100. Seeing happy couples together. Reminds me of the times I felt loved.
  101. gay couples Pictures, Images and Photos

  102. Being organized. It’s a challenge for sure, especially with a back injury. But organization makes me VERY happy and makes my house seem like home.
  103. My TENS unit. There is nothing quite like hooking myself up to the TENS unit and zapping my pain away for a little bit. Or at least taking the edge off the pain.
  104. Pet Rats. All our rat babies passed away and I really miss them.
  105. Flip Flops! It’s like being barefoot but not quite.
  106. flip flops!! Pictures, Images and Photos

  107. Store bags, handmade bags… just BAGS! I love them! Cloth, paper, plastic… there are so many uses for them.
  108. Trader Joe's bag Pictures, Images and Photos

  109. Rainbows! They always cheer me up and I get to spend a moment imagining that I find a leprechaun with a pot of gold.
  110. Coffee art is the coolest thing! 
  111. coffee art Pictures, Images and Photos

  112. Camping at the Fish Creek Wash in winter time. It’s so remote, quiet, dark (at night) and oddly enjoyable. The layers of rock with marine fossils are awesome! 
  113. Fish Creek Wash Pictures, Images and Photos

  114. Reading Blog comments! I enjoy coming on here and finding comments 🙂 It makes my day! I have a few regular commenters (HI LILY AND SARA!) and some that email me their thoughts (HI DONNA AND NIKKY!) I love them all! Even texting is awesome for comments (HI NIKKY!)
  115. Green Diamond Tires. These are the best tires out there! They actually have flecks of green diamonds in them. The traction is awesome!
  116. Vranik 165/70R13 green diamond Pictures, Images and Photos

  117. Those “you had to be there” moments with friends. When you are sharing a hilarious story with someone and you are laughing so hard you nearly pass out while everyone is staring blankly at you with a raised brow… oh yea! That is what i am talking about!
  118. Sailing on the bay! I do love this. I just don’t like the violent puking that goes with it.
  119. Benadryl. My lifeline for a life of allergic reactions and stupid doctors.Benadryl Dye-Free Allergy Relief, Liqui-gels
  120. Fishing with the kids… Well, maybe not this time but it’s still a fun story to share! And yes, that is a shark!  
  121. Playing pool. Haven’t done this in a while and I usually lose… but I still love playing it!
  122. Night time. I love the night time. No sunshine. Not a lot of people. Beautiful pictures.
  123. Penn and Teller. So this is the crappiest picture of me EVER but I was thrilled to get to watch them in person. They have humor AND the best illusionist tricks EVER! In fact they inspired my 11th grade science project of the glowing pickle apparatus! I got and A. 🙂   
  124. Rest Areas. When traveling, these are the best places to stop and sometimes become our overnight sleep spot. The truckers are usually really cool!

I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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2 comments on “69 Things that Make me Happy!
  1. lily says:

    Oh My God! You had your picture taken with Teller! I LURVE Penn and Teller.

    Great list, though if I had to write down which ones I agree with and why, my comment would be longer than your entire post. 🙂

    Hi right back at ya!

  2. LMAO! It was so awesome! I got to see them in Las Vegas live. It was way better than I ever dreamed it could be! They are AWESOME!

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