Another Food Stamps Challenge to Watch

My friend, Michy, is also doing the Food Stamps (SNAP) challenge! Only she is a lot braver than I am and she is doing the whole month of October. 

She allowing herself to a little more per day because Food Stamps (SNAP) is supposed to be SUPPLEMENTAL, not the only food budget you have. The name even states that. 

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. (I hope I have that right)

She isn’t allergic to half the planet so her challenge will probably be easier for her and her family (I hope). But, since she has issues with GMO foods and foods containing high fructose corn syrup, none of the foods she prepares during the challenge will be GMO and HFCS free.

So far, the dishes she made today look awesome! I won’t lie… I am a little jealous.

I will be following this all month long! I can’t wait to see her dishes. The ones today looked AWESOME! I may have to alter a recipe or two to try them (because of allergies)


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2 comments on “Another Food Stamps Challenge to Watch
  1. Thanks! I'm having fun with it, sort of… 'cause it's not fun, but I do love the challenge part. It's been hard staying motivated, and I'm tired of 'one pot meals', so I did chicken and sides last night, and that helped. Except for spices, it's a dish I would have done if I weren't on the challenge.

    Tonight? Shrimp and coconut milk lime soup… the coconut milk hurt when I saw the cost, but I just HAD to do it!

    Thanks for following along! I linked to your blog on mine today!

  2. Oh thank you for the link! I have to say, your dishes look pretty good! I wish I could eat your food 🙂

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