I’m a Writer! Not a Beautician!

First, before I start, in my defense, I am not a beautician! I am a writer, a blogger, an author… see a pattern emerging? I can describe things and explain things in ways you never imagined. But ask me to style hair and you might end up with something like this…

Because the extent of my hair expertise as a mom with boys is, take clippers, add attachment, turn on clippers, run through hair.

That being said, my friend asked me to try to give her a pixie cut. I googled how to do a pixie cut, speed-read through the directions, and I was set!

Here is her before picture so you can see how lovely her hair is šŸ™‚

It’s a little blurry, but you can see her beautiful locks falling gently onto her shoulders and flowing calmly, framing her face like a well madeĀ pictureĀ frame. SEE! Writer!

Now before I show you the after picture, let me defend myself by saying, she knew better! I have done her hair before. This is the fourth time and the first three weren’t that wonderful!

Let’s see, the first time I dyed her hair and well, it wasn’t very nice looking when I got done. We’ll leave it at that.

The next time, I bleached her hair. I am not sure how to bleach hair so I followed the directions (for the most part) and wrapped it like it said (or close to it) and waited theĀ allotted amount of time (give or take a 1/2 hour). She ended up with some bleached spots, some orange spots, and a few red spots here and there sprinkled throughout her hair. She went to a salon to get it fixed correctly.

The last time I did her hair, I was giving her a perm. If ever you need a perm, I am NOT the person you should ask. NEVER ask a person with A.D.D. to come perm your hair when you have an interesting TV show on. I followed the directions (kind of) and then started timing. 30 minutes, three hours… they both have a 3 in them, right? Then I had her wash her hair out. I laugh maniacally when I say that, because, LITERALLY, she washed her hair out. As in, it fell out in clumps. To this day she still has a bald spot from my A.D.D. perm timer.

And STILL, she asked me to give her a pixie cut. So with all my hair cutting knowledge, that goes something like this: Hold scissors in one hand, hold hair in other hand, start cutting until it looks like the picture… I started cutting the cutest pixie cut ever!

Although her hair didn’t turn out like what I was picturing in my head. Instead, this is her after photo…

I am off to make her some hats now. I think I owe her that much. Hey, it’s hair… it’ll grow out! Right? Right?


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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4 comments on “I’m a Writer! Not a Beautician!
  1. LOL Thanks Amy! I had fun with that one!

  2. Nikky :) says:

    I have a minor correction to make… In the above blog she mentions that I went to a salon to have my hair fixed after the bleaching… What it should have said was I went to the salon to have all my hair cut off after the bleach fried my hair… So yeah, I knew better. But on an up note, my boyfriend LOVES my new hair cut!

  3. Correction noted šŸ˜› But you look so cute!

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