Fall is in the Air! The Leaves are Turning Colors! OH YES!

I am so excited! Fall is finally in the air and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. I was outside with the girls and Nikky, playing in the leaves and I took some fun pictures to share with everyone.

Here is a brightly colored tree on my street. I took this one to show the kids when they get home from their trip, just in case all the leaves have fallen.

Here it is next to all the other colorful trees. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!?

Nikky and the kids racked the leaves into a big pile so we could fill bags our landlords bought. Of course, you can’t just fill the bags without…

JUMPING in them first! WOOHOO!

Nikky crawled into the leaf pile too and they had a leave attack! It was so much fun!

Here is an awesome picture of Nikky! Love the hair, girl! Love the hair!

And then the kids buried her in leaves MWAHAHAHAHA!

But popped out long enough for smooches on the cheek! Awwww, they are adorable!

I managed to get this wonderful picture of all three of them in the leaf pile.

OMG! Where did they go?

Of course, I had to get in on the fun too! I ended up being leaf attacked by GIRLS!

And dogpiled. They totally dogpiled me… and tickled me!

I made it out alive, if not a little leafy LOL

Then we got to the part we actually raked the leaves for… filling the bags! Linny wanted to fill them all by herself! she did a great job!

The sun was starting to set by then and I got this awesome picture of the evening sky!

And finally… we have pumpkin bags for decoration! 
Aren’t they cute!


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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