Top 6 Posts of 2013

How’s your New Year going? Mine is going awesomely! Okay, so I am broke, I have no job, I’ve been eating rice for a week… but I am NOT letting any of that get me down! 

This morning when I woke up, I started going through my old posts of last year to get ideas for this year or just find the topics I can expand on. I started getting all nostalgic and stuff and suddenly, I felt a lot better. 

Then I got this brilliant idea to share my favorite Top 6 posts of 2013… cuz I’m getting all mushy eyed this morning. In no particular order…

#6 Post of 2013: Top 6 for I am a MOM!

I had a lot of fun making this post. Not only did I have fun writing it and brainstorming ideas, but I learned to make my own memes!

Like this one!

#5 Post of 2013: The Food Stamps Challenge

I loved the whole series… But reading back through the posts, I REALLY love the Food Stamps Challenge Final post. Man, I was hungry and cranky and you can tell! 

#4 Post of 2013: I’m a Writer, Not a Beautician!

As a sister, I feel it is my job to torment my siblings as much as possible. Only, this time it was my friend. Oh, wait… no, it wasn’t. Teeheehee. And SO MANY people had a stroke when they saw this picture… 

Wait… no… they had a stroke when they saw the AFTER picture… which is actually my brother, Sky, dressed in drag… because Nikky wouldn’t let me post her cancer-survivor picture on the blog. And before I get lambasted again, she IS a cancer survivor! So quit jumping down my throat!

#3 Post of 2013: San Diego Sailing Trip

The boys went to San Diego to visit their dad and got to sail to Catalina Island with their dad. I posted my favorite pictures of the trip! I would have posted them all but I’m sure your computer would have crashed trying to load it all!

Includes pictures of “boat bite”… and other better pictures of the kids!

#2 Post of 2013: 3 Easy Ways to Remember Your Deceased Loved Ones This Holiday

I was feeling sad because I had just talked to a friend about her girlfriend who had died this year. I made this post just for her… but it made me feel a lot better too! And didn’t do too bad on page views either. Apparently, I am not the only the only with that on my mind.

#1 Post of 2013: Terracotta Flower Pots Space Heater

When I wrote this, I was just curious to see if it worked and share with my results with friends. Within a week, it had over 1,000 page views and they are still climbing! I was quite impressed. And apparently, everyone was wondering how to make them and if they work because it is the most searched post on my entire blog! Wow.

AND I felt so honored because someone pinned my picture on Pinterest. 

And yes, it really works!

Enjoy browsing… I am going to go to the bank to pretend to be a responsible adult and pay bills, and then I off to plan out next weeks posts. I have some ideas!

I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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