Juiced Up Juice Off! Bullet Express Juicer Vs. Black & Decker Juicer

My friend, Nikky, started joining me on my juicing journey. We both have two separate juicers and noticed that it seems like her juicer doesn’t get as much juice out of her fruits and veggies as my juicer does. To find out if this was true, we devised an experiment and held a Juiced Up Juice Off in her kitchen. What we discovered fascinated us. Here it is!



Nikky’s Juicer Information

Nikky owns a Magic Bullet BER-0601 Bullet Express Trio 3-in-1 Blender System which we will just call the Bullet Juicer from here on out. The Bullet Express is currently priced at $179.99 for a used one on Amazon. 

Bullet Express Juicer.
Dotchi’s Juicer Information

I own a Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juicer which will be referred to as the Black and Decker Juicer from here on out. The Black and Decker juicer sells on Amazon, as of today, for $26.99. I bought mine from Wal-Mart for about $30.00 or so a little over a year ago.
The Black & Decker

 Setting up the Juiced Up Juice Off!

First I had to find a vegetable to juice in both juicers. I picked carrots because I was hungry and really wanted some carrot juice. I spent about 20 minutes weighing every carrot in my house. I finally found two carrots that each weighed 3.2 ounces.

 And here are the two carrots side by side so you can see I actually have two carrots.

 Next we set up the experiment area in Nikky’s kitchen with both juicers facing each other for dramatic Juice Off effect!


Our first difference I noted is that her juicer, the Bullet Express, can juice a whole carrot without needing to cut it. My juicer, the Black & Decker, needs to have the carrot cut in half long way. Since I prefer not to have a trip to the ER, I cut it into fourths. Here are the juicers ready to go!

Next, she ran the carrot through her Bullet Express juicer and I ran the four parts of my carrot through the Black & Decker juicer. 

And then we marveled at the difference in amount of carrot juice in each cup for a moment.

Nikky’s Bullet Express Juicer had made just below 2 ounces of carrot juice.

My Black & Decker Juicer had made right at the line of 2 ounces of carrot juice.

Then Nikky scooped all the pulp out of the pulp collection container and ran it through her juicer to see if she could get any more juice. Just to make sure she didn’t beat my juicer, I did the same thing. And here are the second results. 

1.8 ounces 2.2 ounces

We did get more juice by running the pulp through a second time and by tilting the machines a little bit to make sure all the juice came out.

I had the brilliant idea of weighing both cups of juice too! I weighed each cup of carrot juice twice just to make sure I was right. I drank the carrot juice before I remembered to take pictures. But the results were… *drum roll*

Nikky’s Bullet Express Juicer: 

1.8 ounces of carrot juice.

My Black & Decker Juicer: 

2.2 ounces of carrot juice.

WOW! Holy Juice Off!

With a 0.4 ounce difference, it really doesn’t seem like that much. But, considering that I am using juicing as a source of nutrition, that could make a difference. If I wanted to consume 6 carrots in a day (like I did the other day) I would be missing 2.4 ounces of juice. 

That’s more than a whole carrot if all my carrots weighed 3.2 ounces. 

After this, I think I’ll stick to juicing with my Black & Decker.


Tomorrow, we will experiment with juicing 3.4 ounces of strawberries in each juicer! We’ll let you know how it goes.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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