Celery Juice Pain Reliever?

A couple years ago, I hurt my back while working as a Nurse Assistant in a nursing home. The pain was unbearable. It felt like my back labor pains from when I delivered my youngest son. 

At first, the doctors gave me nothing for pain. Then they tried Tramadol for the pain which gave me horrendous migraines (pain level 9.5). When I went to the Pain Clinic, they put me on Vicoprofen (hydrocodone/ ibuprofen) which I didn’t want to take. I don’t like taking narcotics. 

One day I was hurting so bad I couldn’t see straight and started looking for natural pain relief when I found a site that said 3 stalks of celery juiced would help with pain. I can’t find the site anymore, but I wrote the pain relief recipe down in a notebook and tried it. I was absolutely desperate for some pain relief.

Does celery juice help with pain?

Yes! It really does! I drink a cup of 3 to 5 stalks of celery when I am in a lot of pain and helps a lot! Don’t get me wrong… you won’t be pain-free and skipping through a field of daisies, but you will feel a lot better. 

It usually brings my back pain down from a 7 or an 8 to 1 or a 2. After being in so much pain, I almost feel pain free.

Found on Mai Thankful Heart.
Best pain scale I have ever seen!

Juice Recipes has a celery juice recipe that adds honey called Sleepy Time. Which is what got me thinking about celery juice again.

What if I don’t like celery juice?

Add an apple or some honey to your celery juice to sweeten it.

Add some carrots to help with the flavor. 

Or add apple and carrot for a totally different flavor. You hardly taste the celery. Here is the recipe I follow as a guide. Click here to see the recipe. 

I usually add more carrot because I LOVE carrots! But I also like the recipe as it is because I don’t taste a lot of celery, it’s a little sweet but not sugar high sweet.

Have you tried celery juice for pain? Did it help you?


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