Behind the Scenes View of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

Today I decided to take a walk to the new hospital in our town to take a tour. St John’s Lutheran Hospital is getting replaced by the new hospital, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, on January 30, 2014. Because everyone is curious, they were giving tours today.

OOPS! Camera Died.
I didn’t take my camera because the batteries died. Sorry about that, but I will try to get a few pictures for you all when I buy more batteries. I did find this picture on the St. John’s Lutheran Hospital’s website. I don’t see a source for the picture though…

Source: history page
Doesn’t that look nice!?

Cabinet Peaks Downstairs
We started out in the front lobby area in front of the Walk-in Clinic which will replace prompt care. It’s for non-emergency care in case you can’t get in to see the doctor that day.  They told us that the hospital was set up with healing in mind. Not sure what that meant, but okay! Cool! Sounds positive!

Then we went around the bottom floor past the cafeteria which will be open to the public. So, if you want to stop by the hospital cafeteria for lunch, you can! I won’t, because of my allergies, but they said they have a new menu too. 

That’s nice… I wasn’t aware they had a menu at the old hospital. Actually, I wasn’t aware they had a cafeteria either. Good to know! Hoping they have a lot of coffee there. I did see a coffee carafe section.

We saw the new lab area. That’s where I was told that every area of the hospital has it’s own waiting area. Cool. The old one has one for the ER and one for everyone else. That’s all the waiting areas I know of. Then we headed to the ER staff area. Totally cool! Usually people won’t see that area. That lead us out to the Trauma bays. It looks like there will be a lot more privacy with how the rooms are set up. That will be a nice change from St John’s where there is little privacy when you are in the Trauma bay. 

We also got to walk through the “walk-in clinic” side and see the rooms there. They all look really nice. The nurses stations look more state of the art compared to St John’s Lutheran Hospital. We saw the new helipad too. It’s straight across from the emergency room entrance.

We got to see the MRI, x-ray, radiology areas too. They have a machine there were the doctors can see the x-ray right away. Nice. And then we went around to the other area… can’t remember what it was though 🙂

We went upstairs on the new elevators. Those are nice. They work like an elevator is supposed to work. They aren’t old and ancient and terrifying! The next part isn’t in order… But these are the areas we viewed.

Cabinet Peaks Upstairs
Upstairs looks pretty nice. We got to see the new surgery area, the pre-op and post-op areas. No, I am not missing my oxford comma there. The pre-op and post-op areas are the same areas. No privacy really, except for curtains. The one we have now is pretty private. This one, I hope I never need surgery. That’s not enough privacy for me. But it looks nice.

Appropriately placed next to the surgery area is the Chapel. No, I am not making a joke about SJLH poor quality care. I am just saying, if someone I loved was going into surgery, and it was bad, and I was a religious person… wouldn’t it be nice to not have to walk across the building to get to a chapel? 

Or in my case, when my first son was dying (in a different hospital)… Down four floors, across the building, out the door, across the campus, into another building, up two floors, across the building and into the Chapel. Yes, having it right there is a nice touch. And it’s close to patient rooms, ICU, Labor/Delivery, and other areas I would imagine you would want a Chapel. 

We also got to see the ICU. The rooms are nice and they look pretty private. They also have two isolation rooms. Just around the corner are the regular patient rooms, complete with a private shower/bathroom, a love-seat that turns into a bed, a flat screen TV, and a patient chair with a little table attached to the arm of the chair.

We saw the physical therapy department and a patient room that has a lift attached to the ceiling for patients that need to be lifted out of bed in a bariatric lift.

We saw the mammography center (I think that was downstairs) that has a private area for undressing so you don’t have to walk down the hall in your hospital gown. I didn’t know SJLH patients had to walk down the hall. I’ve never had to do that.

The Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms look really nice. Two of them have a Jacuzzi tub in them. The nursery is rather small since they encourage Mom to keep their baby in the room with them. And there is a “mother’s room” for women who need help with lactation. The views from those rooms are overlooking a field behind the hospital where deer gather often.

After that we headed down to the cafeteria where we could ask questions. I couldn’t think of any except how are they with allergies? I’ve never been admitted to the hospital here so I didn’t know how they handle multiple allergies. 

Apparently, if you have lots of allergies, they send the dietitian up to talk to you to find out what you CAN eat and try to accommodate your dietary needs. One guy made a joke of “Fly you to Kalispell?” Which I thought was funny, but I don’t think the other guy did. Gave me a good chuckle though.

Overall- Nice.
I have to say, overall, the place looks really nice, well laid out, and much more inviting than St John’s Lutheran Hospital. I just hope the care is better there. 

While I have heard a few stories from SJLH that leave a lot to be desired, I have noticed that their care there has improved a lot. Let’s hope it keeps improving!  As of now, there is really only ONE emergency doctor I feel safe seeing. The other’s have not impressed me much. 

But, I am still hopeful that they will give high quality care. I am waiting in eager anticipation! And at the same time, I am hoping I don’t need to go to the Emergency Room… ever. 


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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