Reader Question: What is A&E?

I received this question from a couple of readers:

In a couple of posts, like this one, you say ER (A&E). What is A&E? Why do you put that next to ER all the time?

A&E in the UK is the American version of Emergency Room. I put this in my posts because I have quite a few readers in the UK. When I first mentioned ER (years ago), I got an email asking what “ER” meant. I never really thought about it before that because it’s something I already know about. It never really occurred to me that someone somewhere else might not know what it means. 

So, now when I write about something going on in the ER, driving someone to the ER, or anything ER related, I add (A&E) afterward ER so that more readers will know what I am talking about if they aren’t aware of the the acronym ER. 


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