Oh boy! Life and Lemons…

If life hands you lemons….

Okay, you finish it! My friends and I were having a chat about what to do if life hands you lemons. The old saying is to make lemonade. I am allergic to lemons. I am not making lemonade. But I will sell the lemons and make some money off them. Probably not much but at least it’d be an income.

Some Days are Better Than Others

I am having good days and bad days. I can tell spring is sneaking up on us because my allergies are going a little nuts.  I think medical marijuana is helping a little on that front (which is really nice!)

I have an appointment on Tuesday for a hida-scan. The last one I had hurt like a bitch so I probably won’t  enjoy that test at all. The positive side is that they now do the test here in my little town. YEA! And the hospital is starting to impress me. I thought I would never say that. Ever. But they are. I am actually getting to where I don’t fear the hospital anymore. I never thought I would see this day. I hope they keep it up.

I created a few sheets to track my daily pain and activities, a sheet to document all my allergic reactions, a sheet to log all my seizures (that we know of), and I have printed off all my journal notes I can find between June 26, 2011 and now. They want documenting? They’re getting documenting! So far, I may have to buy another 1″ three ring binder because I am running out of room.

I won’t have a hearing until PROBABLY fall. Hear the monotoned “yeeeea” coming from my chair? Yea, that’s me planning on what I absolutely want to keep and what all I can get rid of. While I am hoping for the best, I am still planning for homelessness. I am having a hard time keeping my spirits up, even with a lawyer. I actually cried today while trying to put some of the journal entries in the binder. I read each one as I put it in the binder and damn… this is depressing. If the government wanted to tear me down, degrade me, and make me feel worthless… they succeeded on every front.

But It Gets Better… Right?
I sure the hell hope so! I am working on getting all my poetry (ALL OF IT) into one book to sell. There will be the clean version and the dirty version.

The clean version will have no cuss words and all the poems about my vagina will not be in it. This is the version that, should my parents want a copy, I will give them this one!

The dirty version will have all the cuss words, the poems about my vagina, and probably more. This is the version that I hope no one I know and see in person will ever buy. Or if they do, they never mention it.

I decided to call the book “Beyond the Human Mind” after one of my poems.

The dirty version will be called “Beyond the Human Mind: Ode to My Vagina”. I even have the cover art for it. So EXCITED!

And another book

I am also working on another book called…. well, it doesn’t have a title quite yet… but something like “Quit Smoking, You Whiner!” or something like that.

I was hoping to have it done by February 14, 2015 but I may have to push it out to March. My kids will be gone in March which will give me time to work on writing with little worries (HAHAHAHA! I kill me!). If I do push it out, it will be published (come hell or high water) on March 21, 2015. March 21 is a huge day in my life so it would make it extra special!

I can’t wait! Wanna help? You can email me at dotchi@gmail.com and offer support or whatever you think may help. Or virtual chocolate… I love chocolate… and coffee… and chocolate coffee. Or you can leave a comment below.

So… what would you do with your lemons?


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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