Intro and a Picture

I was brainstorming on what I should post first. I haven’t finished any crafts and there isn’t anything too exciting right now. I didn’t want to bore you all, so I picked an easy topic. Introducing myself and showing a current picture.


Here is my current picture. I was messing with my selfie camera. Excuse the slightly swollen lips. I have angioedema attacks. Luckily, over the years they have calmed down some and I don’t have the severe attacks I did when I was a teenager or in my early twenties.

For getting to know me, I have 100 questions (or so, it might be more). Every Monday I will answer a question or three and I am dubbing it Meet Me Monday! This week, I will just do an intro for myself. If you want a question answered for Meet Me Monday, let me know and I will answer it.

My Intro – A Little About Me

I am 40 years old and live in Montana. I have epilepsy and my medications make it hard to function at times. I am throwing this out there for the first thing because some days I will be GREAT at blogging and other days … I will be asleep.

I live with my two sons and my oldest son’s girlfriend. Eventually, I will either live in my van (I hope!) or a smaller apartment all by myself.

My hobbies are sewing, crochet, reading, blogging, long walks in the dark, poetry (should I post some here?), cooking (although I can’t do that like I did before), writing, traveling (can’t do that as much either), and reviewing things. I should do that here too.

I love watching Netflix and my goal for the year is to save money … which is not going so well, but I have 52 weeks to improve. I am also always looking for things to make. Right now, I am working on a hat on a loom (not loving the loom though).

Wow. I think I just wrote the most boring introduction ever. Congratulations me! I should get a trophy or something. Or a cookie. I like chocolate chip.

I am a homebody so this blog should take off again. If I am not posting for a day or two, I am probably sleeping off the meds. We’ll figure this out as I pick up steam! I should also get better at tags as I keep doing this too.

Post in the comments what questions you want to see for Meet Me Monday.


I am that crazy lady that lives in the bell tower with all the bats. I keep blogging to keep what little sanity I have left.

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