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This is one of our favorite dips to make!Ugly Dip. A Quick and Easy, Spicy and Meaty Dip IdeaUgly Dip is quick and easy to make. It’s meaty and spicy also which makes it great for any get together!Read More

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This Weeks Articles: CNA Life

Instead of posting each article every time I write something, I decided to do 1 or 2 posts a week with all the articles in them. I am still working on my salad series of articles and hope to have

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A Rant About AnalogiesAnalogies are great when you understand what they mean.Read More I wrote this because… well, uhm, because I could? It struck me so I wrote it out. I also have another waiting for upfront payment. From The

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Another article accepted! I’m on a roll!

Save the Planet and Your Wallet with Five Easy Beginner StepsYou can make small changes that will help you Go green without taking drastic measures to make a difference. Try out these five easy baby steps to be kinder to

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Top 10 Best Fishville Fish for Gaining XPPlaying Fishville on Facebook? Want to level up faster? This list of Fishville fish will tell you which fish to use to gain the most XP per minute.Read More From The Baker’s Acres!

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Naming My Inner Brat. I Call Her DotchiWhile researching Housekeeping tips, suggestions and websites I came across a website called the Brat Factor. It helps you meet and name your inner brat and then beat her to death with a

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Crisis Cleaning- Boxes, a Bin and a Bag SystemAre you wanting to get your house in order? Using this system will take your house from crisis to presentable in no time.Read More From The Baker’s Acres! Read more at

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