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My Ex is Awesome!

Most people would not call their ex “awesome” but I can honestly say my ex is AWESOME! I have Fibromyalgia, seizures, chronic pain (to name the big three) and have one heck of a time staying upright long enough to

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Fighting My Inner Slacker.

I am fighting my inner slacker. It’s not the part of me that doesn’t like doing things. It’s that part of me that wants to give up, curl into a ball in the corner, and start crying. When I started

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I’m Torn

Right now, I am torn between blogging as much as I want to and focusing on making items to sell. I love blogging! It is my life line to sanity. But, since I can’t make money at it, I need

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We are Merging! But It Will Take A Little Bit

After mulling it over, listening to other’s opinions and suggestions, and exploring my options with WordPress; I decided I WILL merge My Little Chunk of Cyberdust with Purple Hair Lady. WHY? Because I AM that lady with the purple hair…

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Blog Schedule Change

When I started blogging, my goal was to make it as part of my income. Now that I moved my blogs to WordPress, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want to continue blogging, but I

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Dotchi is Moving to WordPress

On March 27, 2003 I started blogging on the blogger platform. I am still blogging there, but this week, I will be moving the blog over to WordPress. I have had blogger issues for a couple of months now. My

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Last Post of 2013

So that I can enjoy the New Year holiday with my family, plan my blog for the next year, and have a little time off; this will be the last post of the year. I’ll see you back here on January 2,

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