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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration. I sure did. I started thinking about all my New Years before and it had me thinking a Leslie, may she RIP. She had this wonderful idea that what

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My 2015 Goals for My Little Chunk of Cyber-dust

With 2014 behind me and a good solid year of therapy chasing me into 2015, I am ready to blog. Well, that… and my ex bought a tablet for me so I can type and blog to my little hearts

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Back into Blogging, Slow and Steady!

Oops. After my little sleep issue that I documented on my personal blog, I am back into the world of the living! I muddled through many emotions this last month and thought about blogging the few hours I was awake.

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Caution! Mom is Brainstorming!

After last week, I started thinking of things I can do from home that would actually earn some income while I fight with disability. Please, feel free to add your ideas. The work that I can do must have these

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Fighting My Inner Slacker.

I am fighting my inner slacker. It’s not the part of me that doesn’t like doing things. It’s that part of me that wants to give up, curl into a ball in the corner, and start crying. When I started

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Alphabetical Blog Challenge!

I have waited for MONTHS to do this! I am so excited about it too! There is a blogging challenge out there where you post a blog post 6 days a week every April. Each day has a letter. April

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Blogging Birthday!

Okay, I totally forgot to post about this on March 27th, but this month is this blogs birthday! Back in 2003, I started this blog with a mundane name. I can’t remember what it was though. It was something like

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