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One more week of school!

The boys have one more week of school left! I can’t wait until they are done with their projects so I can post pictures of them. At first I really really wanted them to look better than everyone else’s project

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I am back! YEA!

We are back in California. Actually we have been back but I am working at getting organized again. Isn’t that exciting! Today was the boys consultation at school. We are doing great! Good news is that I can turn in

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The Trip To Texas and Back… AKA How spoiled am i?

So we went to Texas this last month. I am never going back. Oh the stay was nice and all, but there are BUGS in Texas… and Heat… and rain… and I had to get a JOB! Oh. My. Gawd!

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I’m getting organized!

I am getting organized this week. I am taking an online class on how to make a Master Plan Book for the home. I am making it but it’s being put in my palm pilot. Less clutter and all that!

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Our Big Day Updated

We went to the school and talked to the consultant. The boys are loaded down with books. We’re giving Saxon Math a try and backtracking to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Their science books look interesting. They have hands

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Tomorrow is our big day

I finally decided to sign up through a charter school. Technically we aren’t homeschoolers anymore. Our Charter School is a public school so my kiddo’s are public school kids. BUT, we still educate at home. It’s a pretty cool system

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