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Back into Blogging, Slow and Steady!

Oops. After my little sleep issue that I documented on my personal blog, I am back into the world of the living! I muddled through many emotions this last month and thought about blogging the few hours I was awake.

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My Stalkers Love Me!

The coolest thing happened today. Granted, the mail ran yesterday but I didn’t think about checking it. This morning when I got up, I decided to check the mail. There was a small box on my porch and some junk

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Fake nails… I feel like Dolly Pardon in 9-5

Ever since I was little and watched Nine to Five  with Dolly Pardon typing away with her long fingernails, I have wanted to have long nails that I could type with too! Like long, pretty manicured nails that look cool and

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My Bedroom Floor Collapsed

It’s not as horrible as it sounds, but my bedroom floor did give way and scared the pee out of me. My kids and I were all sitting on my bed as my youngest was showing us a new game

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My inflammatory markers are elevated, cough syrup anyone?

I got a call from the doctors office today. The CMA told me that my lab results show that my inflammatory markers are slightly elevated. I have no idea what that means. I guess I should have asked. I’ll call

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I am thrilled and excited to tell everyone that I have a part time position at work now. I was thrilled to hear this! I will work Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday now, every week from 6am until 2 pm.

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One more week of school!

The boys have one more week of school left! I can’t wait until they are done with their projects so I can post pictures of them. At first I really really wanted them to look better than everyone else’s project

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