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Hang Out Night Movie!

This week was a busy week for me! I am pretty tired too. I tried to get everything done but the week ran off with me. I think I lost Thursday somewhere on the way too. My whole crazy week ends tonight though.

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Fall is in the Air! The Leaves are Turning Colors! OH YES!

I am so excited! Fall is finally in the air and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. I was outside with the girls and Nikky, playing in the leaves and I took some fun pictures to share with everyone. Here

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I’m a Writer! Not a Beautician!

First, before I start, in my defense, I am not a beautician! I am a writer, a blogger, an author… see a pattern emerging? I can describe things and explain things in ways you never imagined. But ask me to

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That four Letter Word: SNOW!

I am excited! I think I am the only one excited though. There is SNOW on the mountains! This means that winter is coming. It’s just around the corner. Heck, it’s peeking around the corner at me and teasing me.

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