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Make Your Own Washing Soda (on Food Stamps!)

Before I start… I am still learning the ins and outs of WordPress. Please be patient while I figure out how to add pictures and make sure everything is correct. If this message is here and there are no pictures,

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Behind the Scenes View of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

Today I decided to take a walk to the new hospital in our town to take a tour. St John’s Lutheran Hospital is getting replaced by the new hospital, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center, on January 30, 2014. Because everyone is

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Juicer Recipe Review: Sweet Potato Pie

With all this juicing, I wanted to find something sweet that tasted like a dessert to give me a feeling of being naughty. I found Sweet Potato Pie juice and it fits the bill perfectly! The ingredients Apple Carrots Sweet

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Juicer Recipe Review: Fresh Start

Remember how I said yesterday that I was juicing this week? Well today I have a juice recipe to review! I found it on a website called Juice Recipes that I really like. The juice I made this morning is

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What are you making this holiday season?

This last Friday, I posted a question to my readers… “What are you making this holiday season? Or what would you make if you could?” While no one commented on the blog post, I did get five replies through emails

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Crochet Rainbow Scarf

I had a lot of fun this weekend with my crocheting. Since I am trying to make ends meet by being crafty, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try something a little different. I ended up making

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Terracotta Flower Pot Space Heater?

While goofing off on facebook the other day, I saw a video clip of a guy who heated his room with terracotta flower pots sat on top of a bread pan. Inside the bread pan was three or four tealight candles. I

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