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Juicer Recipe Review: Sweet Potato Pie

With all this juicing, I wanted to find something sweet that tasted like a dessert to give me a feeling of being naughty. I found Sweet Potato Pie juice and it fits the bill perfectly! The ingredients Apple Carrots Sweet

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Juice Recipe Review: Arthritis Soother

I’ve been dying to try this one but I just couldn’t bring myself to drink something with asparagus juice in it. I finally got brave and made Arthritis Soother Juice. You can see the recipe here.Arthritis Soother Ingredients Apple Asparagus

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Celery Juice Pain Reliever?

A couple years ago, I hurt my back while working as a Nurse Assistant in a nursing home. The pain was unbearable. It felt like my back labor pains from when I delivered my youngest son. At first, the doctors gave

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Miles’ Creation: Blackberry Mango Juice!

After so much vegetable juice, Miles and I decided to try some fruit juices. I let him pick the fruits and he decided on blackberries and mango.Blackberry Mango Juice IngredientsThe name gives it away. No suspense there at all! Hmmm, I

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Juicer Recipe Review: Rainbow Blitz

After my last juice recipe, I was feeling quite good! I actually had a lot of energy. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try something different. The Rainbow Blitz juice recipe looked interesting. You can see it

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Juiced Up Juice Off! Bullet Express Juicer Vs. Black & Decker Juicer

My friend, Nikky, started joining me on my juicing journey. We both have two separate juicers and noticed that it seems like her juicer doesn’t get as much juice out of her fruits and veggies as my juicer does. To find out

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Juicer Recipe Review: Fresh Start

Remember how I said yesterday that I was juicing this week? Well today I have a juice recipe to review! I found it on a website called Juice Recipes that I really like. The juice I made this morning is

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